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This page is now the home to all Cosy Crochet Patterns and blog posts.  All posts have been streamlined so that there is now only 1 page per pattern rather than a separate page for the pattern and blog posts.   You can find an index off all patterns on the Cosy Crochet Pattern list or you can access blog posts and patterns via the archive on the left.   I have a redirect on to send you to this page from Cosy Crochet, although this may not take you to the exact page you were on before, you can use the above navigations to find the new page here.  

This blog may progress in the future to include other crafts and projects I undertake as well as crochet, although for the moment I am taking a break from blogging and designing, I hope to come back to this in the future.

Social Media

All social Media pages are in the process of being combined and will eventually all be found under the name Rainbow Lily Crafts, the only exception will be Etsy, where I will continue (for the moment) to have two separate shops.   Cosy Crochet on Etsy will continue to sell the patterns and Rainbow Lily Crafts will be for finished items.  They may combine at some point in the future.


My contact email for the moment, will only be via Rainbow Lily Crafts, although I am working on forwarding all Cosy Crochet emails to that email address, at the moment this is not happening.  If you wish to contact me, please do so via the email on the contact page, or via the social media channels on the contact page.

I hope that you enjoy the new direction the blog will be taking, and bear with me whilst everything transfers across.   Even though I am taking a break, I shall still be around to answer any questions sent to me, and both my Etsy shops remain open.

Thankyou for taking the time to look around the new blog, and please feel free to leave a comment.

Vicky x

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