Wednesday, 13 November 2019

Tunisian 10 Point Star Blanket

This week I am excited to share with you my Tunisian 10 point star blanket. Way back in the summer when I launched my Tunisian Chevron Skirt pattern, one of my friends and testers suggested it would look lovely as a blanket and she was right. I took her advice and spent some time working out how to turn it from a skirt to a blanket.

It took a bit of figuring out how to work Tunisian crochet in the round from a small start. I have been working it in the round to create a piece with a hole in it for a skirt, or cup cozy etc, but not to work something flat like this blanket. It took quite a few tried in a couple of different yarns to make it work, but I got there eventually.

I ended up changing the stitches used from the chevron skirt to give it a different look. I wanted to tighter feel to keep the blanket warm and so I ended up using the Knit stitch. To combat the curl however, there are a couple of sections using the purl stitch and they worked great at preventing the issue.

I ended up making this a Christmas coloured blanket, in part due to having this yarn in my stash, but also as I think this will work fab as a Christmas Tree blanket, which I hope will make it look less empty when the presents are not under it. The main bulk of the blanket is worked in a varigated yarn called Christmas due to its colours. Then there are smaller sections in a sparkly red yarn to break up the slightly psychedelic look from the main colour.

Both yarns used are a DK weight and were purchased from Aldi during one of their specials last year. They havent released them again this year, so unless you have them in your stash its unlikely you will be able to replicate this blanket with the exact same colours. However, I think it would look great in any colours and you could even change the weight of the yarn and adjust the hook size to compensate to make an even larger blanket (or smaller).

The instructions are written for the blanket above, which has reached a diameter of 130cm, however, I have included notes on how to adjust the size of the blanket to make it larger or smaller in the pattern. I simply stopped mine at this point due to reaching the end of my supply of that particular yarn!

You can purchase the pattern for the Tunisian 10 Point star blanket from my Etsy store here. I hope you enjoy the pattern and share any blankets made from it on my social media channels.

For this week only, the blanket is on sale with 25% off using the code CHRISTMAS. Its only available until 19th November so be sure to purchase by then.

Join me next week for another Christmas Cup Cozy before I release the mermaid patterns I shared earlier in the year.

Vicky x

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