Wednesday, 9 October 2019

Tunisian Cable Barrel Bag

Of all the crochet items I make, bags are probably one of my favourite. I absolutely love bags, but since I was put on a ban from buying anymore, I started making them and actually this maybe even more fun, since I get to make the bags exactly how I want them to be.  

This bag features some of my most favourite things in a bag;

its purple - my favourite colour and making it myself means I don't have to wait for purple to be in season
It has cables - I love cables, I always wanted to learn to knit them, but never got around to it. So finding crochet cables and then Tunisian ones is very exciting for me, this bag celebrates the cable.
The barrel shape - One of my most favourite bags, which literally disintegrated from over use, was this shape and I loved it.
The chunky handles - I love these, I always find small handles dig in, as do hard ones like leather, so these are soft and chunky and perfect
The lining - Again my fabric choice and I love it, although I did hand sew it, which took forever, the way I lined the bag too makes it easier!
The added tassel - because who doesn't love an added tassel to finish off a bag!

These are my favourite features of this bag, and I think I managed to get them all just right. In addition to this the size of the bag, 35cm long and 20cm diameter mean the bag is really roomy. I mean I fitted 4 yarn cakes, plus a pouch with hooks, scissors etc. and all my usual purse, phone and keys in it too. If that isn't a good size for a handbag then I don't know what is, especially as it doesn't look too bulky. The materials and construction mean this should last me a long time, and it has stood up to good use since I made it, which is great.

The pattern itself is a paid pattern, it took a good amount of work to get this bag just right, and my testers also did a great job testing. Even though it is paid for, you get a lot of pattern for your money. The 23 page pdf is not only printer friendly, but has photo tutorials for working the Tunisian cables and making up the bag. It shows you how to add a zip and the lining and how to get the bag to keep its shape even when it is not filled up with yarn! There is also a video tutorial included for help with the handles.

Just because I am so excited about this bag I have decided to have a flash sale, so today until the end of Sunday this bag will be 25% off using the code CABLE. So if you need to make some Christmas presents, or just treat yourself, now would be a great time to purchase this pattern and go and make 1 or 3 or 10 of this lovely Tunisian Cable Barrel Bag. You can find the pattern here in my Etsy Store.

I hope that you love this Bag as much as I do, designing bags is definitely something I intend to do more of next year. See you next week.

Vicky x

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