Wednesday, 16 October 2019

How to crochet a Tunisian Cable

This week, I have decided to share my tutorial for making a crochet cable. I actually love making these cables so much that I have been modifying and creating new designs around these cables, which I hope I will be able to release a bit later this year, or early next year.

The photo tutorial for this week shows you how to make a basic cable that is 6 stitches wide, and turns towards the left. There are other ways of moving the cable and ways to work with more strands, they will be coming up soon, but for now, this should be helpful to anyone wanting to start working a Tunisian cable.

I hope you enjoy this tutorial and it is useful to you. Next week I will be starting to release my Christmas patterns on the blog.

See you then,

Vicky x

1.  What the piece looks like just before starting the cable moving row

2.  Work TPS stitches as normal and then skip 3 TKS stitches, work the next 3 TKS on the hook as normal making sure to keep the yarn loose so it lays flat

3. Using your second hook work the 1st 3 TKS stitches on the new hook pulling the yarn back over loosely.

4. The back of the piece after all 6 TKS are worked, you can see the yarn is laid loosely across the back where the arrow is.

5. You now need to slide the first 3 TKS to the end of the hook and push the last 3 TKS to the beginning of the hook. 

6. Carefully transfer the stitches from the second (pink) hook to the first hook.

7. The work will look scrunched up for a while, this will sort itself out over the next few rows.   Complete the rest of the row.

8. What the row looks like when completed

9. What the piece looks like at the end of the return pass for the cable moving.   Be careful to get the stitches in the right order when working the return pass.

10.  It can be tricky to work the TKS in the next row in the right place.   Stretch the row out to see where they are.

11. The third TKS is definitely the hardest to find.   It is where my thumb is in the picture.

12. The work at the end of the row after the cable moving before the RP.  Finding the TKS after this row is much easier.

13.  The piece 2 rows after working the moving cable

14. Close up of three completed cable repeats.

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