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Tunisian Cable Hat

I am super excited to start off this next series of patterns for you all. Cables are something I have loved for a long time. When I first started knitting around 7ish years ago, cables were something I aspired too, but never got far enough into the knitting world to learn. I'll be honest, they daunted me slightly! But when I found out crochet also have cables I started to use them. To be honest, a crochet cable just doesn't have the same effect as a knitted one, so when I saw Tunisian cables were a thing (and given how nicely Tunisian crochet can imitate knitting) I knew I had to learn them. It took around an hour, a youtube video and a swatch to get the hang of them and I love them so much!

Cables are such a classic look and bring so much texture to a piece. You can have the most boring coloured plain hat that just comes alive by adding cables and so thats exactly what I wanted to do with this series. Today I am introducing you to my Tunisian Cable Hat. It is worked in the round with some nice chunky yarn and has 5 cable bands around it and a nice traditional RIB band at the bottom.

Since I didn't have any chunky yarn at home, I actually held two strands of some aran cakes together which creates a lovely mixed colour effect. I have also made them in a solid colour, as have my testers, which also works really nicely. Whilst the hat is mostly written for one size, (and I tested the stretch size against average head sizes for men and women) it should fit most heads, but I have also included instructions for customizing the size of the hat within the pattern and turning it into a slouchy hat too if you prefer that look. I haven't added a pom pom to this one either, but that is also an option.

I haven't made a video tutorial for working cables yet, that's in the works for a couple of weeks when both kids are settled in school full time (Lily only goes 2 hours a day at the moment), but the pdf version of this hat does come with a nice photo tutorial to help with cables. The photos are quite detailed and isn't really something that will work well on a blog post, so if you want that help, then I would definitely recommend you purchase the pattern from my Etsy store here. The free version however, can be found below.

Over the next few weeks, I will be releasing the patterns for the fingerless gloves, scarf and headband in the series. Plus there will be a Cable Barrel bag coming soon too.

See you next week,

Vicky x

Chunky Cable Hat (adult sized)

  1. Materials and Resources

Below is a list of everything you will need to make this hat;

  • Chunky Yarn (or 2 strands of aran held together if you want to have a varied colour effect) 105m (120g when using Aldi rainbow cakes – I used a purple cake)
  • 8mm double ended Tunisian hook
  • Additional hook (as close to 8mm as possible, and it is easier if it has no end)
  • Stitch marker
  • Tapestry needle
  • Scissors

2. Stitch List

Below is a list of all the stitches (and their abbreviations) featured in this pattern.  All terms used are American.

  • Ch- chain
  • TSS – Tunisian simple stitch
  • TPS – Tunisian purl stitch
  • TKS – Tunisian Knit Stitch
  • TKS dec – 2 Tunisian Knit stitches together – insert hook like a TSS through first stitch, then through second stitch like a Knit stitch, yarn over and pull up a loop through both loops on hook
  • TPS dec – pull yarn to the front then insert hook through next 2 stitches, yarn over and pull through both loops as you would for a purl stitch.
  • RP – return pass, always yarn over and pull 2 loops
  • 6 cable – this is where the cable crosses, see photo tutorial
  • sl st – slip stitch

3. Notes

Here are a few handy tips to help you with the pattern.

  • The gauge for this pattern is 12 rows and 10 stitches in a 10cm square of Tunisian purl stitch using an 8mm hook.
  • The finished hat measures 20cm tall and 60cm around but has quite a lot of stretch around the band so should fit most adult heads.   (My head is 55cm around and it fits nicely.)
  • Varying the thickness of the yarn used and hook size will slightly alter the hats size. (thicker yarn and a bigger hook will make a bigger hat and a smaller hook and thinner yarn will make a smaller hat.
  • If you prefer a tighter Ribbed band at the base of the hat, then start with a 7mm hook and change back to the 8mm at row 5.
  • Make sure when carrying the yarn both ways on the cables to keep the yarn loose so the cables don’t become too tight.   See cable instructions for more information.
  • This video will help you getting started with an alternative method for getting your starting chain into the round if you are having trouble with the chain twisting.

4. Pattern


Round Instruction Stitches
  Ch 56  
1 56 TSS, RP 56
2 (TKS, TPS) x 28, RP 56
3-4 Rep row 2 56
5 TPS dec, 4 TPS, 6 TKS, (5 TPS, 6 TKS) x 4, RP 55
6 (5 TPS, 6 TKS) x 5, RP 55
7-8 Rep row 6 55
9 (5 TPS, 6 Cable) x 5, RP 55
10-17 Rep rounds 6-9 55
  If you want a taller hat, or slouchy hat rep rounds 6-9 again for as many repeats as you like (this will use more yarn than stated)  
18 (TPS dec, TPS, TPS dec, 6 TKS) x 5, RP 45
19 (TPS, TPS dec, TKS dec, TKS dec, TKS dec) x 5, RP 25
20 (TPS dec, TKS, TKS dec) x 5, RP 15
21 (TKS dec) x 7, TKS, NO RP 7
  Cut yarn with around a 20cm tail and thread the end through the loops left on your hook.   Pull the ends tight to close the circle, then sew shut.  

Sew in all ends.

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