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Tunisian Panda Cup Cozy

Last week I released the pattern for the Tunisian Bunny Cup Cozy and this week I am bringing to you the third in the current Cup Cozy Series, the Tunisian Panda Cup Cozy.

The Panda Cozy, like the Bunny and Bee Cozy is worked in the round using Tunisian Simple Stitch in Green for the foreground or forward pass and yellow for the background or return pass. I chose these colours as they reminded me of the Bamboo forest the Panda is native too. The green lines from the Tunisian Simple Stitch remind me of the Bamboo Trees standing tall, whilst the yellow of the background reminded me of the sun streaming through the gaps of the Bamboo Trees. The Panda is made as a separate motive and sewn on at the end.

Like the Bunny Cup Cozy, I have used a round of Tunisian Purl Stitch, either side of the Tunisian Simple Stitch to combat the curling issue from using the smaller hook for this Cup Cozy. The dimensions of the Panda Cozy are the same as the others, 7cm high and 12cm across (or 24cm in the round) and as such is a great stash busting project as it doesn't use up too much yarn.

You can get the pattern for the Panda Cup Cozy below.

Vicky x

Panda Cozy

Panda Cup Cozy
Panda Cup Cozy
  1. Materials and Resources

Below is a list of everything you will need to make this cozy

  • 4ply cotton (I used King Cole Giza) in the following;
    • green – around 15-20m
    • Yellow – around 15-20m
    • Small amount of black and white
  • 3.5mm double ended crochet hook
  • Tapestry needle
  • Scissors
  • Stitch marker
  •  Stitch List

Below is a list of all the stitches (and their abbreviations) featured in this pattern.  All terms used are American.

  • Ch- chain
  • TSS – Tunisian simple stitch
  • TPS – Tunisian purl stitch
  • RP – return pass
  • sl st – slip stitch
  • sc – single crochet
  • yo – yarn over
  • sc inc – single crochet increase – 2 single crochet in same stitch
  • 3 sc tog – 3 single crochet together – (insert hook through 1 stitch, pull up a loop) x 3, then yarn over and pull through all loops on hook
  • Hdc – half double crochet
  • m/c – magic circle
  • Notes

Here are a few handy tips to help you with the pattern.

  • The gauge for this pattern is 12 rows and 12 stitches of Tunisian simple stitch in a 5cm square.
  • The finished panda cozy is 7cm tall and 12 cm wide (24cm all the way around.)
  • The cozy is worked in the round, if you are not familiar with Tunisian in the round, then please see this video for help;
  • Pattern

Cozy– start in green, and use yellow for the RP

Round Instruction Stitches
1 Ch 55 55
2 Sk ch and TSS across, RP in yellow 55
3 TPS around, RP 55
4-17 TSS around, RP 55
18 TPS around, RP 55
19 Sl st cast off using TSS pattern. 55
  Sl st to join and cast off, sew in ends  

Panda Body – start in white

Round Instruction Stitches
1 6 sc in m/c 6
2 (sc inc) x 6 12
3 (sc, sc inc) x 6 18
  Cast off white with long tail for sewing and join black in any stitch  
4 6 sc, turn  
  6 sc  
  *3 sc in side of stitch on the row below, turn  
  3 sc, turn  
  3 sc, turn  
  3 sc tog*  
  sl st up side of arm created to opposite side of black and rep from * to * to create second arm  
  Cast off with long tail for sewing

Panda legs – make 2 in black

Round Instruction Stitches
1 6 sc in m/c 6
2 (sc, sc inc) x 3 9
  Sl st and cast off with long tail for sewing  

Panda Head – start in black
Round Instruction Stitches
1 6 sc in m/c 6
  Change to white  
2 (sc inc) x 6 12
3 (sc, sc inc) x 6 18
  Cast off with long tail for sewing  
4 Attach black in any stitch and work a sc, hdc, sc, sl st in that stitch.   Cast off.  
  Count 3 stitches from the first ear and work step 4 again to create the second ear  

Sew panda body to the cosy first, then the legs, then the head.   Use black yarn to sew a mouth and eyes.

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