Wednesday, 10 July 2019

Tunisian Chevron Skirt

I am so excited this week to share with you all a new pattern release. I have been working on this one for a while and I am very proud of this. It is my first Tunisian crochet garment and I have managed to work out sizing too! My testers have been busy checking everything in this pattern is perfect and I am so excited that launch day is finally here.

A couple of months ago Lily was really into dancing and asked me to make her a skirt that she could dance in, specifically it needed to flare out when she twirled. She doesn't really have that much in the way of skirts as she is tall and skinny and they fit lengthwise and fall off her waist, or they fit her waist and look more like a belt. The Tunisian Chevron Skirt was my answer to her request.

This skirt is worked in the round and I was super proud of myself for taking the pattern from something that I had done flat and the size of a dishcloth into something that was worked seamlessly in the round. It took a few tries and some super help from my testers to fine tune the pattern but the result is a skirt that is something similar to a circle skirt but in a chevron pattern that definitely flares out when you twirl in it.

As it was worked in the round I worked up two samples, one in a sold colour and one with a different colour for the forward and return passes and I love the skirt either way. The pattern itself is designed in three sizes, small (to fit a child around age 1-3), medium (to fit a child around age 4-6) and large (to fit a child around age 7-10). Within those sizes though the skirt can be adjusted to fit any child no matter what their shape or size. The notes for this are all included in the pattern.

As so much work has gone into this pattern it will be a paid only pattern, but for the money you will get a pattern for all 3 sizes, notes to help you adjust the size, photo tutorials, video tutorial links and an exclusive video that is not listed on you tube for anyone other than those who purchase the pattern. As with all my patterns, I am always only a message away if you need any further support.

You can purchase the pattern on my Etsy Store for £5.99 (price may vary slightly as this is subject to the VAT in your country). For this week only, however, and because I am so excited to be releasing this pattern, it will be available for 25% off until Sunday 14th July 2019, no code is needed.

I hope you enjoy the Tunisian Chevron Skirt pattern and thank you for all your support in purchasing this pattern. I will see you next week for the Solar System Blanket graph release.

Vicky x

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