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Tunisian Bunny Cup Cozy

A couple of weeks ago I released the pattern for the Honeycomb Bee Cozy and since then I have been busy designing other cup cozies. I am really enjoying the process of creating these cup cozies, they are fairly quite patterns and I loving the challenge of exploring different Tunisian crochet stitches to create them. Plus the addition of a cute animal applique really makes them all the more special.

Today I am releasing the pattern for the Bunny Cup Cozy. This was the second design in my series and uses just two colours (and small amounts of them both) to create it. I really loved the look of the Tunisian Full Stitch, especially when worked in different colours, as it creates an almost diamond like effect. Unfortunately, since I am working with a relatively small hook and wanted quite a closed texture so as to keep them heat proof when used with a hot cup, this meant that the full stitch curled quite a bit and I wasn't really sure blocking would help with this issue. After a bit of playing around I discovered that the purl stitch either side of the full stitch combated this issue as well as giving a lovely bored like effect to the cozy.

Once the cozy itself was worked up I went on to making the bunny. Since the white in the cozy isn't the prominent colour, I settled on a white bunny, and created it to look almost like a shadow of a bunny sitting still in the distance. This was I didn't need to worry about legs which would have been tricky on an applique of this size.

I love the look of this cozy, and keeping the bunny simple, I think, brings out the pattern of the Tunisian full stitch on the actual cozy. The bunny cozy is the second of 5 cup cozy patterns to be released (at the moment anyway) and you can get it for FREE below.

See you next week for another cup cozy pattern, the Panda Cup Cozy. See you then.

Vicky x

Bunny Cozy

  1. Materials and Resources

Below is a list of everything you will need to make this cozy

  • 4ply cotton (I used King Cole Giza) in the following;
    • Brown – around 15-20m
    • White – around 15-20m
  • 3.5mm double ended crochet hook
  • Tapestry needle
  • Scissors
  • Stitch marker
  •  Stitch List

Below is a list of all the stitches (and their abbreviations) featured in this pattern.  All terms used are American.

  • Ch- chain
  • TSS – Tunisian simple stitch
  • TPS – Tunisian purl stitch
  • TFS – Tunisian Full Stitch
  • RP – return pass
  • sl st – slip stitch
  • sc – single crochet
  • yo – yarn over
  • sc inc – single crochet increase – 2 single crochet in same stitch
  • 3 sc tog – 3 single crochet together – (insert hook through 1 stitch, pull up a loop) x 3, then yarn over and pull through all loops on hook
  • Bobble – 5 dc together (*yo insert hook through stitch, pull up a loop, yo and draw through two loops* – repeat* to * 4 more times then yo and draw through all loops, ch 1)
  • 2 trc tog – 2 treble crochets together (*yo twice, insert hook into stitch and pull up a loop, yo and draw through two loops, yo and draw through two loops*, rep * to * once more and then yo and draw through all loops)
  • m/c – magic circle
  • Notes

Here are a few handy tips to help you with the pattern.

  • The gauge for this pattern is 16 rows and 11 stitches of Tunisian full stitch in a 5cm square.
  • The finished Bunny cozy is 7cm tall and 12 cm wide (24cm all the way around.)
  • The cozy is worked in the round, if you are not familiar with Tunisian in the round, then please see this video for help;
  • Pattern

Cozy– start in Brown, and use white for the RP

Round Instruction Stitches
1 Ch 55 55
2 Sk ch and TSS across, RP in white 55
3-4 TPS around, RP 55
5-20 TFS around, RP 55
21-22 TPS around, RP 55
23 Sl st cast off using TSS pattern. 55
  Sl st to join and cast off, sew in ends  

Bunny – make 1 in white

Round Instruction Stitches
1 6 sc in m/c 6
2 (sc inc) x 6 12
3 (sc, sc inc) x 6 18
4 Bobble, 6 sl st, 3 sc in same stitch, sl st, turn  
  Sk sl st, sc inc x 3, sl st in b/l, turn  
  Sk sl st, sc, ch 2, 2 trc tog, ch 3, 3 sl st, sc inc, 12 sl sl st  
  Cast off with a long tail and sew to cosy  

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