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Tunisian Crochet Rainbow Seashell Purse


Last year I released a Seashell Handbag pattern, that was created off the back of my Mermaid Adventure bag.   I nearly didn't release the pattern as I wasn't sure anyone would like it, however, it seems this pattern is a definite favourite with you all as it has very quickly become my most successful pattern that I have ever released.   The little seashell purse I am releasing today is an accessory that matches perfectly with the seashell handbag and I hope will be equally as successful as the handbag.

This little pattern encompasses two of the goals I set at the beginning of the year for myself, to experiment more with Tunisian crochet, and to work through my stash.  This is the perfect pattern to use up any small amounts of cotton you have lying around, I changed colour every 3 rows for this pattern, however you could change colour more often if you have even small amounts of cotton to use up, it would just make your rainbow even more detailed.   This is also a Tunisian crochet project, but one that is very beginner friendly if you have not tried it before.   It only uses the Tunisian simple stitch and an increase stitch, and as the project is so small it an even be completed on a regular crochet hook if you do not have a Tunisian hook at home.

I know that usually in Tunisian crochet you would pick a hook size that is a couple of sizes bigger than recommended for the yarn, but in this case I have deliberately chosen a smaller size than recommended.   I did this so as to ensure that there are no gaps in the stitches to allow money to slip through, and since the purse is attached to a purse clip and all sides are joined together any curl you get when starting this purse is eliminated by the time you have finished.   I used an 8.5cm rectangular purse clip, the kind with holes in it so you can sew onto it.   You could probably used a glue on one if you prefer, but it was not the route I wanted to go to create this purse.

I hope you enjoy this cute little Tunisian Crochet Rainbow Seashell Purse pattern which you can find below.  Next week I will be sharing the pattern to my Festival Bag.   See you then,

Vicky x

Tunisian Rainbow Seashell Purse

1.  Materials and Resources

Below is a list of everything you will need to make this purse;

·        Paintbox Simply DK – small amounts in the colours of your choice, I choose the following colours;

o   White, pink, purple, blue, green and yellow

·        3.5mm hook

·        Tapestry needle (small needle to sew through purse holes)

·        Scissors

·        Rectangle purse clip 8.5cm long with sewing holes

2.   Stitch List

Below is a list of all the stitches (and their abbreviations) featured in this pattern.  All terms used are American.

·        Sc – single crochet

·        Ch – chain

·        sl st – slip stitch

·        TSS – Tunisian simple stitch

·        Inc – increase – pull up a loop in the top bar of the stitch

·        FP – forward pass

·        RP – Return pass (pull all loops of the hook as usual unless otherwise specified)


3.  Notes

Here are a few handy tips to help you with the pattern.

·        The gauge for this purse is 24 stitches and 18 rows in a 10cm square in TSS

·        The seashell pieces are made separately and then joined to the purse.

·        There is a sewing and sc row around the purse clip before you can attach the seashell pieces.

·        The edges of the seashell are joined at the end.

·        This pattern is perfect for using up odds and ends of colours from your scraps

·        The finished purse is 12cm wide (at its widest point and 10cm tall

·        The purse is not lined, as it uses a small hook it will easily contain coins without them falling out, but you can line if you want to.

4.  Pattern

Seashell – make 2, starting in white





5 sc in m/c, close circle and turn



FP – TSS across, RP



Change to pink  FP - (inc, TSS) x 5, RP



FP – TSS across, RP



Change to purple  FP - (TSS, inc) x 3 TSS (TSS, inc) x 3, TSS, TSS, RP



FP – TSS across, RP



Change to blue  FP – (TSS, TSS, inc) x 6, TSS, TSS, RP



FP – TSS across, RP



Change to green  FP – (4 TSS, inc) x 4, 5 TSS, RP



FP – TSS across, RP



Change to yellow  RP – (5 TSS, inc) x 5, TSS, RP



FP - TSS across, RP



Cast off with sc method (insert hook through bar, pull up a loop, yarn over and pull through 2 loops)



Purse Clip – work in yellow





Using yellow cotton and a small needle, back stitch around the purse clip holes (see fig 1 below) work loosely so you can crochet into each stitch.



Sc around the edge of the purse going into each stitch made above, you need to work 3 sc in to each join across the sides (see fig 2 below)



Still using yellow, sc the first seashell piece to one half of the purse clip and the second piece to the second half. (see fig 3 below)



Using white sc the two open sides of the purse together, put 1 stitch in each row and 3 in the middle stitch at the point



Using white, sc around the top of each purse edge



Sew in all ends


Figure 1

Figure 2

Figure 3


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