Wednesday, 2 January 2019

Prehistoric Adventure Bag


This week is the final week of my second year as a crochet blogger and I can't believe how quickly that two years has gone.   So to celebrate I want to release what is probably my favourite design I have ever made, the Prehistoric Adventure Bag.   This design is special to me in so many ways as Prehistory is something I absolutely love.   In fact, when I was still in school I wanted to be an archaeologist specialising in prehistory, and whilst this never actually happened, I still love to learn more about this period and have on occasion participated as an amateur in archaeological digs.   So when had a competition with the subject of prehistory I just had to enter.

I had been toying for a while of using historic subjects as a basis for my adventure bags and this seemed like the perfect time.   I actually started making my mammoth, which is by far my favourite creature to have ever walked to earth.   I initially made him in James C Brett's new Chinchilla yarn, which, whilst it is extremely soft and looks amazing, is not to easiest to work up amigurumi on.   Stitch counts were all over the place and I had to end up making it up as I went.   Turns out when I made another mammoth, my initial pattern didn't really work with normal yarn and needed a lot of editing.   However, I am very happy with the finished mammoth and I think he represents everything this great species should.

Next I created the cave bag, and this was by far the easiest shape bag I have ever created.   It was whilst researching stitches on Pinterest for this

[caption id="attachment_1724" align="alignright" width="300"]Prehistoric Adventure Bag Prehistoric Adventure Bag[/caption]

cave that I came across the Tunisian Weave Stitch for the first time and thought it would create an excellent cave.   I chose white and grey for the outside to represent snow on the outside of the cave in the ice age.   The inside has the same stitch, but the grey combined with black creates a dark and gloomy effect that the inside of the cave must have had!   To the outside I attached a small amount of greenery that might have just peeped through all that ice and snow.

Next I made the cave people and I was excited to find some fluffy yarn which made the perfect fur clothing for this prehistoric family.   I actually played around with some different techniques for the cave people, the legs are neither sewn on, nor use join as you go in the traditional sense, but my new technique, I think makes them fall better.   In addition I experimented with using pipecleaners inside the limbs to allow them to be a bit more bendable allowing them to sit or stand as required.   It is definitely worth taking the time to get pipecleaners that match the yarn as closely in colour so they don't show through the stitches.

Finally, I created the accessories I felt the cave family would need; a fire, some meat to eat and a spear to catch their food with.  These little accessories really add some special details, and if you are making the bag for yourself, you can feel free to add additional meat, spears, people or even mammoths if you require.  As with all my adventure bags, everything fits nicely inside the bag and closes up to take around with you for portable play anywhere.

The pattern for my Prehistoric Adventure Bag is now available in my Etsy Store and to celebrate the end of my second year blogging, it will be available for 50% off for the next week with code SECONDYEAR.

Join me next week as I review my 2 years blogging and discuss what I have planned for my third year.   Thankyou to everyone who has supported me in my journey this far.

Vicky x

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