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Knit Effect Tunisian Crochet Draft Excluder


We live in an old Victorian Town House and as such there are often drafty spots in this house and one of these is by the front door.   I have looked at buying a draft excluder for the front door, but honestly the price of them made me think I could make one much cheaper and I would also get much more fun out of it.   This project turned out to be a great stash buster and didn't even require whole balls of yarn to make it.   This was the perfect project for me to start my new year's resolution of using up my stash on.   I emptied out my stash of all Aran Paintbox Yarn and looked through that to see what colours I had that were similar in size.   I quickly found a bunch of rainbow colours that I had similar amounts of and decided they would make a lovely bright project to brighten up the dull January we are having.

I have really been wanting to improve and learn more about Tunisian crochet this year, and so to kick start that off I decided this would be a Tunisian project.   But since I wanted the draft excluder soon rather than later, I decided to stick to a stitch I am familiar with, the Tunisian knit stitch.  This project was quite simple to work up and didn't take much time to complete.  It is basically a rectangle sewn into a sausage shape with circles on the end to seal it.  I stuff it as I would any toy but also added a few sandwich bags of small stones (the kind you put in an indoor plant pot for decoration) which helps weigh it down so it really does stay where you want it too.   I added 3 bags of stones, 1 either end and one in the middle, and it could have possibly done with a couple more in the middle to keep it completely still, although 3 bags do work.

This year I want to experiment with my blog layout and so I have decided to try out adding my patterns directly into the body of the blog post.   I will be starting this from now so you can find the pattern for the Knit Effect Tunisian Crochet Draft Excluder here;


Knit Effect Tunisian Crochet Draft Excluder Pattern


1.  Materials and Resources

Below is a list of everything you will need to make this ---

·        Paintbox Simply Aran – odd amounts of any colours you like.   I used 8 colours I had from my scraps box.

·        6mm Tunisian crochet hook

·        Stuffing

·        Plant Pot decoration stones (or something similar to add weight)

·        Sandwich bags (or similar to contain stones)

·        Tapestry needle

·        Scissors


2.   Stitch List

Below is a list of all the stitches (and their abbreviations) featured in this pattern.  All terms used are American.

·        Ch – chain

·        TK – Tunisian knit stitch

·        Sl st – slip stitch


3.  Notes

Here are a few handy tips to help you with the pattern.

·        There is no specific gauge for this project, just work as tightly as possible.  

·        This was made to fit a door approximately a meter long.   If you need it shorter or longer then add or remove starting chains.

·        When stuffing I added a few sandwich bags of the stones evenly along the width to weigh down the draught excluder.    You can use as many as you like or none if you prefer, it just helps it from moving away from the door



© All patterns on this page belong to You may not sell this pattern. Please feel free to sell the items you make using this pattern, however please acknowledge me in your listing.









4.  Pattern

Main body – Start with any colour, I started with Red





Ch 100, start with a basic Tunisian forward and return pass



TK and return pass



Change colour



Tk and return pass, change colour every 5 rows, or more often if required



Tunisian cast off



Sl st both long sides together



Ends – work 2 in Red





6 sc in m/c



(sc inc) x 6



(sc, sc inc) x 6



(2 sc, sc inc) x 6



(3 sc, sc inc) x 6



(4 sc, sc inc) x 6



(5 sc, sc inc) x 6



(6 sc, sc inc) x 6



(7 sc, sc inc) x 6



(8 sc, sc inc) x 6







To finish:


·        Sl st the circle to one end of the sausage created above.

·        Stuff and add stones evenly

·        Sl st the other circle to the main body to close it shut.

·        Sew in all ends

·        Place by any door


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