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2018 Top 9 & 2019 Crochet Goals


2018 Blog Review

As of today I have officially started my third year as a crochet blogger and I can't quite believe I have been blogging for this long!   It has been a crazy road of ups and downs as I have tried to figure out the direction to take this blog in and last year I definitely settled into a good routine of mostly amigurumi for kids.   I thought I had learnt a lot about blogging in 2017, but I learnt far more this year than I was expecting too.   I have made friends within the crochet business, learnt how to improve my photos, and although I know I still have a load left to learn in that department, I can see a real improvement over what I was doing.   I have overhauled the way I write my patterns, to give a clearer format which I hope you have found easier to read and follow.   I have learnt a ton about Pinterest and definitely improved how I use that tool.   I also featured as a guest blogger in the 30 days of Cozy program over on the Crochetpreneur blog and this is something I am extremely proud of.   2018 also saw the launch of my Adventure Bag designs and this is something I am going to expand on over the next year.   I also expanded my crochet skills and learnt new ones too!

Whilst researching this post, I came across a bunch of statistics I thought I would share which demonstrate how well Cosy Crochet has done this year and demonstrates its growth;

  • I launched a total of 52 patterns, some small and some larger, some for free and some paid, some successful and others less so.
  • I also made 28 videos last year, some technique tutorials, some patterns tutorials and a couple of demonstration videos.
  • My You Tube subscriber rate has jumped from around 10 to a lovely 84!
  • I also sold 48 patterns in my Etsy store, which is a massive jump from the handful sold in 2017.
  • I also had a massive 39,352 website views throughout the year across my whole blog up almost 20,000 views from 2018!
  • I also had my most successful month, in terms of page views, this year with a massive 5,116 views in August this year, which is significantly above my average at around 3000!
  • My Facebook subscribers grew to 1839 from 1500
  • My instagram subscribers grew from around 100 to 296
  • My pinterest has grown to 661 followers

I hope you agree that this has been a successful year for Cosy Crochet and I want to just take the time to thank all of you who read this blog and support my designs by either purchasing them on Etsy, watching them on You Tube or reading on this blog.   Without you I wouldn't be able to continue doing this into the third year!

Before I move on to my 2019 goals I just want to share the top 9 patterns of 2018.   Some of these surprised me a little and I wasn't expecting them to do so well and others I was fairly certain would be up there.   Take a look at this top 9 and then see if your favourite designs were up there or not?   What would you change?  I was pleased that my Adventure Bags all made it on there, and I definitely wasn't surprised to see the Mercorn & Unicorn as they are very current at the moment.   The seashell bag however, really surprised me.   I wasn't expecting that to make the top 9 when I designed it, let alone get a place in the top spot for 2018!

In fact after working out 2018's top 9 I decided to have a look and see what the top patterns for Cosy Crochet's entire blogging life were and the Seashell Bag came in the second top pattern, with the hammock coming only slightly ahead.   I find this amazing since the Hammock pattern has had well over a year longer on the blog and has been my top pattern pretty much since I launched it!   Anyway for those curious here is the top 9 patterns of Cosy Crochet so far;

2019 Goals

So now that I have shared my successes of 2018 I want to take a bit of time to talk about what 2019 will hold and my goals for this year.   Below is a list of the Goals that I really want to achieve next year;

  • Adventure Bags:  This year I want to continue working on my Adventure Bags, and I have some lovely ideas that I want to develop for you guys.   These are the concept that I was most excited about last year and I want to continue that this year.   However, as they take quite a bit of time to develop and work on I will be making them sporadically throughout the year, and these will continue to be paid patterns, although don't forget to look out for any promotions I may have on them.
  • Quick & Simple:  I also want to develop a lot more quicker and simpler patterns this year.   Ones which you can use up your stash on and don't require hours and hours.   As part of that I will be incorporating some gift patterns and girls accessories.
  • Stash busting: This year I have decided not to purchase any new yarn until I have used up everything I already have.   I currently have an ikea unit which has overflowed full of the stuff and I need to start using it.   I know many of you have this too and so the theme for 2019 will be using up what I have.   All my patterns will work for either using up those scraps you have lying around or they will be from what I already have.   I will only purchase yarn this year when it has all gone, or for a paying customer (if I don't already have what they require)
  • Experimentation: Whilst I really love doing amigurumi (and I will definitely continue doing this) I want to experiment a little.   I have some ideas for some accessory, clothing and home decor projects.  They will still primarily focus around kids (or big kids!) but they will expand my patterns a little and may also incorporate some other crafts too, especially fabric, as my love of mixed media items grows.   I will also try and learn new techniques in crochet to expand my skills.   As I do I will try and share these with you too.
  • Customer Focus:  I want to work hard at including you in as much as possible in the coming year.   If there is a project you want help with, or designed, an idea you want to share, or simply a finished project you want to share then I want to hear from you and try my best to help.   I really want to make Cosy Crochet Blog something that everyone wants to read and a useful resource so please do get in touch!
  • More Tutorials: I know I have slightly abandoned my You Tube Channel in the last half of last year, but I want to try and continue to expand on the tutorial section of this, perhaps alongside a written tutorial section of the blog.   It's an idea I have had for a while, having a stitch tutorial from the beginning section to the blog.   It might not be able to happen until the second half of the year (once both kids are finally settled into school full time) but I absolutely want to try and make this happen by the end of 2019.
  • Growth:  Finally I want to increase growth over the year on all my social media platforms and on the website.   I'd like to get my Youtube Channel to at least 200, my Facebook to 2000, my instagram to 500, my pinterest to 750 and my total website views to 75,000 within 2019.

Before I sign off and go start on those 2019 goals, let me once again say Thank you to everyone who follows me and I would absolutly appreciate your support in 2019 with the goals outlined above.   As a thank you for all your support, please enjoy this coupon code 'THANKYOU' for my Etsy Store which will get you 25% off of any pattern until 13th January 2019.  So if there is a pdf pattern you would like please do use the code get it slightly cheaper!

See you next week,

Vicky x

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