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Crochet Gingerbread House Adventure Bag


As Christmas month continues at Cosy Crochet I would like to introduce to you my Crochet Gingerbread House Adventure Bag.   I had the idea for this bag way back at the beginning of summer and I was very excited by it.   I wanted to make an Adventure Bag similar to the Horse Stable & Mermaid Adventure Bag's but with a more interactive feature to it.   The most Christmassy shape that I could think of that lent itself to easily becoming a bag was a Gingerbread House (I love making these for Christmas) and my idea developed from there.   I wanted the house to have a functioning chimney that presents could actually go down and land in a fireplace below, where they could then make their way under the tree for Christmas morning.   Obviously this meant that the bag had to contain a Christmas Tree and presents, but also needed Santa to deliver the presents and a Gingerbread man to receive the presents too.   I needed a portion of the roof to be flat so Santa could walk along it to the chimney and I wanted the roof to be white as if it had been snowing.   But more than that I wanted the whole Gingerbread House to look like it really was made from biscuit.   With all these ideas and images I set out to create my adventure bag.

Knowing that I wanted it to look like a proper Gingerbread House I decided to construct it in panels in a biscuit colour and then assemble in white like the traditional royal icing that is used to stick the pieces together.   To do this the panels had to be joined inside and outside in white to give the proper effect.   The windows and doors are all decorated on the panels using surface slip stitch in white to echo the piping of windows and doors in icing.   The whole roof is done in white with a white edging as if the icing has dripped off the roof like it would if it were snowing.   All the inside panels are decorated exactly as the outside panels to look like each panel is exactly one piece of biscuit.   Once the bag was constructed I added a chimney and fireplace inside in a similar manner and a strap on the outside to carry the bag around.   The front panel is closed with magnetic bag clips which open to reveal inside the house and a snowy garden on the outside.

Once the bag was finished I set about creating the characters for the bag, starting with the Gingerbread Man.   I knew I wanted him to be fairly flat, again like he actually was a biscuit like his house, so he is made with two panels in brown joined and decorated in white and very very lightly stuffed.   Given that Gingerbread Man lives with a garden of snow it also made sense that he would probably go outside and make himself a snowman so I made him a snowman friend too as well as a decorated Christmas Tree for the inside of his house.   Next we needed Santa to deliver the presents and I was actually able to make it so he can go down the chimney to deliver the presents during play.   He of course also has his sack with some presents inside which fit down the chimney too.

The finished Gingerbread House Adventure Bag ended up being something that came out very close to my original vision for the project (which doesn't always happen!).   I had originally thought I might make a reindeer and sleigh, but in order for Santa and the presents to fit in it, there is no way they would have been able to land on the roof, so in the end I decided to leave them out of the project and maybe keep the idea for next year.   I love the inter activeness of this bag, with its working chimney and my kids have already spent hours playing with it, plus like the other adventure bags, when they have finished playing with it, it folds up with all the toys inside for storage and easy transportation to take it with them to wherever they want to play.   The video below shows you the Gingerbread House Adventure Bag in action.


The pattern for the Gingerbread House Adventure Bag is now available for purchase in my Etsy store but as a small bonus and thank you for all my readers I am offering the Gingerbread Man pattern for FREE below.   This Adventure Bag would make a lovely Christmas present for any young child and as it has been released in October there is still plenty of time to make one.   If you do decide to make one i hope you enjoy making it as much as I enjoyed creating it.

Join me next week for another crochet Christmas pattern, the Christmas Tree, this Christmas month.

Vicky x

Gingerbread Man


1.  Materials and Resources

Below is a list of everything you will need to make this gingerbread man

·        Stylecraft Special DK – less than 50g of yarn in the following;

o   Mocha (1604)

o   White (1001)

·        2mm hook

·        Stuffing

·        Tapestry needle

·        Scissors

·        Stitch marker


2.   Stitch List

Below is a list of all the stitches (and their abbreviations) featured in this series of patterns.  All terms used are American.

·        Sc – single crochet

·        Ch – chain

·        Sc inc – sc increase

·        Sc dec – sc decrease

·        m/c – magic circle

·        sl st – slip stitch



3.  Notes

Here are a few handy tips to help you with the pattern.

·        There is no specific gauge for this pattern just work as tightly as possible.

·        The Gingerbread Man in worked in 2 flat panels which are joined together with a small amount of stuffing in between.

·        The Material list is for a Gingerbread man who is 10cm tall and 6cm wide (the perfect size to go in the Gingerbread House Adventure Bag.)   If you want a larger sized Gingerbread man then he can be made using a 4mm crochet hook and Chunky Yarn).


4.  Pattern

Gingerbread Man – Work 2 in Brown








6 sc in m/c



(Sc inc) x 6



(sc, sc inc) x 6



(2 sc, sc inc) x 6



(3 sc, sc inc) x 6






3sc, ch 11, sk first ch, 10 sc down rest of ch, sc in the st below the start of ch 11, turn

10 for body


10 sc, (along body), sc inc, sc inc, 10 sc down other side of the body, sc in head on opposite side, turn



12 sc, sc inc, sc inc, 11 sc, sc in head, turn



2 sc, ch 7, sk ch, 6 sc along ch, (forms arm) sc in the same st as start of ch 7, turn



Work 7 sc back along arm, turn



Work 7 sc back along arm,



Work 9 sc in body, ch 9, sk ch, 8 sc along ch (forms leg), sc in same st as start of ch 9, turn



Work 9 sc across leg, turn



Work 9 sc across leg



Work 5 sc in body then, ch 9, sk ch, 8 sc, along ch (forms 2nd leg), sc in st at start of ch 9, turn



Work 9 sc across leg, turn



Work 9 sc across leg,



9 sc in body, ch 7, sk ch, 6 sc along ch (forms 2nd arm), sc in st at start of ch 6, Turn



Work 7 sc in arm, turn



Work 7 sc in arm,



2 sc in body, sl st to head and cast off



Decorate one Gingerbread Man in white to give him a face etc.



Hold both Gingerbread pieces together and using white sc around the edge of the them to join together, lightly stuffing as you go.  Sl st and cast off to finish




© All patterns on this page belong to You may not sell this pattern. Please feel free to sell the items you make using this pattern, however please acknowledge me in your listing.



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