Wednesday, 22 August 2018

Maisie the Mermaid

 Mermaids are really in at the moment.    They are a great fantasy creature and loads of little girls (and big ones) love them, so it seemed an appropriate subject for my next Adventure Bag.   I initially knew I wanted something underwater that contained mermaids and a couple of other creatures for them to play with,  but unlike the Horse Stable Adventure Bag I didn't really have a clear plan at the start, it just sort of evolved as I made it.   I basically grabbed a load of really bright under sea looking colours to make this bag, making sure there was some blue and yellow so there could be water and sand, plus some green, grey, jade, red and pink which all looked great.

I actually made the bag first, but I shall talk more about that next week.   After making the bag and the coral decorations, I started on the mermaids.    I worked up a few different styles of mermaid before I settled on the final design.   I played around with a plain single crochet tail, a shell stitch tail and also a crocodile stitch tail, but in the end the shell stitch tail was the one that looked the best.    Her top too, took a few tries to get it looking right.   After a load of playing around I settled on the final design and ended up working 3 of the mermaids in assorted colours.

Maisie the Mermaid is made in 4ply cotton and the colours really do shine making her look like some kind of magical underwater creature.  Maisie's head and hair is actually the same pattern as my horse riding doll, Bella, but just different colours.    I also worked up Maisie the Mermaid in a larger version using Aldi's Baby Blanket yarn and she is a much better size for cuddling up to.   I didn't have an appropriate skin colour in the blanket yarn so her skin is a little washed out in white, but I guess she doesn't come up to the surface too much!   The Larger Maisie was worked in a 6mm hook and measures 15" long and 4" wide.   I also learnt from the failed hair attempt on my crochet horse not to make her hair in blanket yarn, so instead I used some green chunky yarn I had left over from another project.

Maisie the Mermaid is made with join as you go arms and they are then worked in one piece from head to tail, with the flippers added at the end.   Their eyes are sewn on, although if you have some small 3mm eyes they would work well too.   Whilst the mermaids are designed to go in the Mermaid Adventure bag, they do work well on their own too, therefore I have listed the pattern separately incase you just wanted to make the mermaids, and like my larger mermaid you can adjust her size by changing hooks and yarn.

In advance of the release of the Mermaid Adventure Bag next week I am giving away the mermaid pattern for FREE for one week only.   You can download the Maisie the Mermaid Pattern here.   At the end of the week it will no longer be available for FREE and you can either purchase it on its own or as part of the Mermaid Adventure Bag patterns.

I hope that you have enjoyed meeting my mermaids this week and will join me next week for the release of the Mermaid Adventure Bag.   See you then,

Vicky x

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