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Crochet Rainbow Tutu Dress

 Today I am excited to share with you Lily's Birthday Dress.   Whilst we were flicking through Pinterest looking for ideas for her birthday party and cake (all unicorn and pony themed, if you have not been following me the last few weeks), we came across a Rainbow Dash inspired Dress.   It was crocheted on the top and had rainbow tulle at the bottom and a small image of Rainbow Dash herself on the crocheted top.   Lily loved it immediately and asked for her own dress the same.   So I decided to make her one.

The materials were not too hard to source, I got 4 balls of 50 g Aran (worsted) cotton in a blue colour, I wasn't sure quite what design I would be making or how much I would need, and as it turned out I only needed 2 of the balls.   I also got 1 m x 1.5 m pieces of tulle in 8 rainbow colours; red, orange, yellow, green, blue, navy, purple and pink and this turned out to be just the exact amount needed.   Finally I purchased a iron on transfer of rainbow dash to complete the dress.

It actually didn't take me too long to make the dress.   The actual crocheted part took a couple of hours and the design just sort of came together as I made it.   I chose a mix of V stitch and also some single crochet, half double crochet and chain stitches as an alternative to the V stitch.   I ended up with a more solid pattern repeat, followed by V stitch pattern repeat.   I then did both of these again and finished with a sold pattern repeat and a picot edging.   I then turned the dress upside down and created two rows of holes to thread the tulle through later.   I imagine if I sat down to create this part again that I could easily do it in less than 2 hours, providing I have no distractions or kids requesting drinks or food etc.

The next part to do was add the tulle.   I basically cut about 10 stripes of each colour and then threaded them through in pairs going around the edge inrainbow order.   Initially it took a couple of goes to get the knots the right way round for the best look, but after some experimenting I succeeded in creating the look I was going for.   I only did one row of tulle, using about half of it to start with.   However once Lily's tried the dress on it became apparent it would need an additional layer since you could see her knickers through the dress.   So a couple of days later I added an additional layer around the dress using the remaining tulle and this definitely created a more fuller skirt and prevented the dress from being see through.

To add the straps I used a piece of blue tulle and threaded them through the picot holes of the edging and tied them in a bow at the back.   This has make the straps adjustable.  Finally I ironed on the transfer of Rainbow Dash, although after only wearing the dress once and washing it the transfer came off, so I think this will need sewing on again for the next time she wears the dress.   To finish it off, I hung the dress up and just trimmed the tulle to make sure the dress was all one length.

I absolutely loved making this Crochet Rainbow Tutu dress, it certainty didn't take too long, and could probably be done in a morning or afternoon if I didn't have the children around me.   In fact I loved it so much that I want to experiment in making other dresses in different colours and styles in a similar way.   It amazes me that just changing the colour can give such a different look altogether.   I made this dress to fit Lily and its a little big for growing room so probably will fit a child around age 4-5.   However, it seems like it will be really easy to adjust the size of the dress and I did make some notes in my pattern on how to do this.   As I experiment more with making these dresses I may even begin to sell them and as well as make the patterns, if I have enough interest.

If you would like to make your own Crochet Rainbow Tutu Dress then you can get the pattern for FREE here.   As always I would love to see the dresses you make so feel free to post them on my social media channel.   I  hope you love  this dress as much as I did making it.   Lily definitely loved wearing her dress for her party and I hope will wear it lots more from now on.

Join me next week when Cosy Crochet starts a new theme, mermaids under the sea.

Vicky x

Rainbow Tutu Dress (Age 4-5)


1.  Materials and Resources

Below is a list of everything you will need to make this dress

·        Paintbox Simply Aran Cotton – 2 x 50g balls in any colours you choose (I chose Kingfisher blue 635)

·        1m x 1.5m stripes of Tulle netting in the following colours, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, navy, purple and pink

·        Rainbow dash iron on transfer

·        4mm hook

·        Tapestry needle

·        Scissors (larger fabric scissors are best for cutting the tulle)


2.   Stitch List

Below is a list of all the stitches (and their abbreviations) featured in this pattern.  All terms used are American.

·        Sc – single crochet

·        Ch – chain

·        Hdc – half double crochet

·        Dc – double crochet

·        sl st – slip stitch


3.  Notes

Here are a few handy tips to help you with the pattern.

·        The gauge is 16 stitches and 9 rows in a 10cm square.   (Please note that the stitch pattern used for this gauge swatch is from rows 2-10 not just sc stitches)

·        The cotton top of the dress is worked in the round and made first.

·        The tulle is added on last.  

·        You can either attach the iron on transfer after you make the top or after you complete the whole dress.   It may need sewing on as well since mine fell off when the dress was washed.  

·        A larger crochet hook maybe helpful for attaching the tulle.

·        The top is worked from the bottom up, with the rows to add the tulle worked on the bottom last.

·        All rounds are ended with a sl st to the starting stitch, unless otherwise stated


4.  Pattern

Dress top– work in Kingfisher blue





Ch 80, sl st to join to the round



Ch 1, sc around



Ch 1, hdc around



Ch 1, (2 hdc, ch 1, sk st) x 26, 2 hdc ch 1 and sl st to the top of the starting hdc

26 pattern repeats and 1 half pattern repeat


Ch 1, (2 hdc, hdc in ch 1 space) x 26, hdc in last 2 hdc



CH 1, sc around



Ch 2, (dc, ch 1, dc in same stitch, sk st) x 40, sl st in top of first dc

40 V’s


Ch 2, (dc, ch 1, dc in the ch 1 sp) x 40, sl st in top of first dc

40 V’s


Rep row 8

40 V’s


Ch 1, sc in each dc around, sl st to join



Rep rows 3-6



Rep rows 7-10



Rep rows 11-15



Ch 1, [3 sc, (sc, ch 3, sc in the same stitch)] x 20, sl st to end and cast off

20 picots


Dress Top Bottom – work in Kingfisher blue





Turning the work upside down, attach yarn where the starting ch begins of row 1 and work as follows (hdc, ch 2, sk 2) x 26, hdc, ch 1, sk 1 and sl st in starting hdc

26 pattern repeats and smaller end repeat


Ch 2, repeat row 1



Cast off and sew in all ends



To add the Tulle

1.     Cut 8-10 pieces of tulle about 1m long by 15cm wide in each colour. (reserve 1 piece of the light blue for later)

2.     Fold each piece in half and put them into pairs, you will add two pieces at a time.

3.     Turn the dress upside down and using a larger crochet hook and pull the loops of the pieces through any hole on the dress bottom edge from the inside of the dress to the outside.

4.     Thread the ends of the tulle through the loops pulled through the dress and pull them tight to create the knot.

5.     I added about 5 pieces of each colour to each row of the the dress bottom, to give 2 layers of tulle.

6.     Work your way around the dress in a rainbow colour order until the whole dress is covered in tulle.

Dress Straps

1.     Take the reserved pieces of light blue and decide where you want the front and back of the dress to be.  

2.     Cut the tulle in half and fold each piece in half.

3.     Take the first piece and in a similar manner to the dress, thread it through a picot at the top (from round 25) and secure by pulling the ends through the loop.

4.     Skip 5 picots and repeat with the second piece of tulle as step 3.

5.     Turn the dress around and skip 3 picots on each side (makes the arm holes) and thread just 1 of the two strands through the next picot.   Repeat this on both sides.

6.     Now tie both pieces of tulle together in a bow to create the sleeves.   (If you have the child with you, they can try it on and you can adjust the bow so the straps fit correctly.  If you don’t tie a loose bow and this can be adjusted when they wear it.)

Finishing Touches

1.     Now is a good time to hang the dress up and pull out all the tulle and trim to make sure it’s all an even length.

2.     If you are going to add a iron on transfer of rainbow dash you can do this now (or before you add the tulle).   This may need sewing on as well as iron on so that it doesn’t come off when washed.

3.     If you want to alter the dress size, then this is easily done.   This finished dress top is 9” wide and 9” long.  

a.     You can easily alter the length by adjusting the number of rows, either add as many pattern repeats before the finishing edge (row 25) or you can subtract a pattern repeat if as required.   Just measure how long the piece needs to be and adjust as necessary.

b.     You can adjust the pattern width by increase or subtracting on the starting ch in multiples of 2.   As long as the stitch count stays an even number on your starting chain the pattern with work.

c.      The overall dress length can be altered by increasing or decreasing the length of the pieces of tulle to suit the height of the child

d.     The strap length can also be altered by increasing or decreasing the length of the tulle.  

e.     You can increase or decrease the size of the arm hole by increasing or decreasing the amount of picots between the straps Front and back.

4.     You can alter the colours of the tulle and the cotton top to make different styles and inspired dresses and either change or leave off the iron on transfer as required.



© All patterns on this page belong to You may not sell this pattern. Please feel free to sell the items you make using this pattern, however please acknowledge me in your listing.



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