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The Horse Stable Adventure Bag

 I am so excited today to finally be able to release this pattern for you all.   SO much time and hard work has gone into this design concept and creation and I really couldn't wait to share it with you all.   This pattern and design is so unique in so many ways, there literally isn't anything out there on the market like it at the moment and I am so amazed that I was the one who came up with it.   The creation and conception of this idea has been several months in the making really for almost a year.

Horse Stable Adventure Bag Concept

My daughter Lily, is horse mad.   She has been since she was about 18 months old.   It was the first animal she identified by name and not sound and she just loved seeing them.  She would watch horse jumping on TV and pretty much played mostly with her toy horses.   She was lucky enough that we have a friend with a horse which meant she got up and close with one at an early age and even had a small ride.   She just loved it.   This has only increased the older she has gotten.   She now practices her trick riding on her rocking horse whom she named Brown and loves to brush and take care of him.    She will finally be taking horse riding lessons starting on her third birthday later this month, but before I was able to make that happen I wanted to make her own little Horse and Rider to play with.

At the beginning of the year I was lying in bed when the idea for the Horse Stable Adventure Bag came into my head.   I scribbled on some paper my ideas and a quick sketch so I wouldn't forget it.   It was an idea I was really excited about, although due to a couple of projects I was already working on and needed to finish, I wasn't able to start on this idea for a few weeks.

Adventure Bag Construction

Whilst I waited to be able to start this project, I contemplated my yarn choices.   I actually already had a load of James C Brett Glisten in Lilac* which as its cotton I thought would work perfectly as the outside of the bag.   I had also found some brown variegated yarn at a boot fair last year for cheap and seemed like it would make the perfect wooden effect stable.   Unfortunately, this particular yarn, Rosarios 4 Sole Latte, does not appear to be available for sale any longer, but any brown yarn, variegated or otherwise in DK would work just as well.   The rest of the yarn used in this project is all Paintbox Cotton DK* in various colours to create the grass, horses, girls and food.   A small amount of stuffing is used but not a lot and the larger horse has 10mm safety eyes.

Once I had all the materials and the time, I started the create the stable.   It actually took more than a few attempts getting the right shape and size to enable it to hold its shape.   I also experimented with several methods of making the bag more rigid so it didn't collapse once open.  In the end I settled on a combination of Bosal in R Form and Plastic Tapestry/Cross Stitch canvas.   The Bag is made of panels, one inside and one outside which are filled with the combination above and then joined together on both the inside and the outside.   The bag is secured with snaps, they seemed to hold the best and were easy enough for Lily to open on her own, although she does need some help to close it.   You could use magnetic bag clasps, although they are more fiddle to get in the right positions as they need to be added before the panels are finished.

The bag is made in Tunisian simple stitch as it gave the cleanest look for the horse graph panels which are a feature I really love about the bag.   I experimented with a few different stitches but this was definitely the best look.   Working in Tunisian Simple Stitch is really quite easy once you get the hang of it and no panel is so large that you don't need the really long hooks that extend.   Just a regular Tunisian Hook works fine.   The panels are joined together using combinations of slip stitch and single crochet.

Adventure Bags - Hours of Fun

Lily loves her Horse Stable Adventure bag.   She loves to take it out with her which is exactly what I wanted from the beginning when the bag was only a concept.   My kids love to take toys out whenever they go somewhere.   But I don't like to have to end up carrying everything they want when they inevitably get tired of holding them, so they are restricted to 1 or 2 small ones each.  That's fine if we are not out long, or going somewhere else with toys, but if we are going out for dinner they don't occupy them long.   The Adventure bags solve this problem.   The bag being the toy and being able to store the accessories means they can take out something with much more play value but that doesn't take up loads more space.

The Horse Stable Adventure bag has two horses, two riders, plus hay, and apples and carrots in baskets.   Alongside the removable horse equipment and clothing any horse lover will be able to have hours of play with different scenarios, feeding, caring, riding, teaching or learning with the horses and when they are tired the horses can go in their stable for a rest.   The green panels provide a grass field for them to eat or play in and best of all, when its no longer being played with, everything fits inside the bag for easy storage.  The perfect solution for any kids and adults to take with them wherever they go.   Best yet, Lily has not gotten tired of carrying her bag yet!

The Patterns

The last 2 weeks, I have released the patterns for the Horse Blossom and Horse Rider Doll, Bella, but this week it is the turn of the Horse Stable

Adventure Bag.   This pattern has had a lot of work put into it and therefore I have decided to release it as a paid only pattern.   You can find it in my Etsy Store for £7.99 (excluding tax, this will vary depending on the country you are in.) and for that you will get the patterns for the Adventure bag, the Horse, the Horse Rider and all the Food (apples, carrots, baskets and hay).  The patterns are divided into 4 PDF's to make it easier to download and use on the part you are working on and each pattern contains a full list of materials and stitches you will use plus detailed instructions with pictures where necessary to help you make your own Horse Stable Adventure bag.  If you need any further help with the patterns then there are some technique tutorials which may help with some of the techniques used in these patterns.

For 1 week only (until 24/07/18), you can get your copy of this pattern for 25% off the retail price in my Etsy shop with the code HORSE.  After this time the pattern will be back at full price.   Don't forget to take advantage of this offer, it won't come around again.

I hope you are as excited by the release of the Horse Stable Adventure Bag as Lily and I have been and I hope you enjoy making yours.   Join me next week for some mini unicorn fun to celebrate Lily's birthday coming this weekend.

Vicky x


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