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Blossom the Crochet Horse



Crochet Horses

I have wanted to make Lily her own crochet horse as soon as I had finished the Dinosaur Playmat last summer.    I remember sitting down and trying for hours to get a horse that looked like a horse, but each time it went wrong and I just ended up pulling it apart.   After several failed attempts, I put it away for another occasion.   Thankfully this year it went right, I was able to get a horse that looked like a horse and it took much fewer attempts, possibly it was just the right time, or maybe as a result of all the extra projects I have designed since then.

So today I want to introduce to you Blossom the Horse.   Blossom was made to be part of the Horse Stable Adventure Bag but her pattern can also stand alone, so today's blog post is going to be all about Blossom, the other patterns (for the horse rider and Adventure Bag) will be released across the next two weeks.

Blossom the Horse

Blossom is made with join as you go ears, whilst the head and body are worked in one piece.  Her legs are all made separately and are sewn to the horse.

She has 10mm safety eyes (in the adventure bag size) although if you are making a different sized horse, this will change, or they can be sewn on if you prefer using black cotton.   Her mane and tail are added separately but cutting several strands of cotton, folding them in half, then using the hook, insert the folded loop around a stitch, the ends of the yarn are then threaded through the loop and pulled tight.   This process, although time consuming is repeated until enough hair is added to create a mane and tail.  I usually cut the pieces an inch or so longer than the required length so there is enough length to trim the pieces at the end to make the mane or tail look even.

I have actually made Blossom in 3 different sizes.   The great thing about most patterns is they will work up in pretty much any size yarn you like as long as you use the correct corresponding hook.   My original crochet Horse was made in Paintbox Yarns Cotton DK with a 3mm hook and this make a horse around 6" long and 4" high.   This version of Blossom also has a removable saddle, saddle pad and reigns, although if you were making the horse for a small child you could either sew these in place or omit them altogether.

Lily was adamant after making Blossom that we needed a foal.   So to make the foal I used the same pattern and a 1.25mm hook and size 10 cotton thread.   I chose not to make the saddle pad, saddle and reigns for the foal as its just so cute without them.   The Foal works out about 3" long and 2" tall.

The final crochet Horse I decided to make doesn't fit into the Horse Stable Adventure Bag, but instead is a cuddly sized horse, perfect for taking to bed.   This Horse is made from Blanket Yarn (Aldi & James C Brett varieties) and I used a 5mm hook.   He stands at 6" tall and 10" long and does have his saddle blanket, saddle and reigns, although these are fully removable.   I learnt the hard way however, that the blanket yarn is not suitable to be used as the hair for the mane and the tail as they shed gradually when cut, which not only leaves a mess everywhere the horse goes, but also shortens the horses hair until the eventually has none.   To ensure you don't have the same issue with your horse and have to rehair it, I would choose any other yarn that doesn't shed when its cut to be the mane.   The great thing about horses is they rarely have their mane and tails exactly the same colour as their coat, so using a different brand won't matter.

The Patterns

The Horse Stable Adventure Bag and Horse Riding Doll patterns will be being released separately across the next two weeks, but the pattern for Blossom the Horse is available now in my Etsy store for £1.99.   However, as I am so excited by this design I want to offer you the chance to pick up Blossom the Horse Pattern  for FREE here on the blog by clicking the link.   This pattern will not include anything other than Blossom herself and will only be available until Sunday (8th July) afterward you will need to purchase the patterns.

As of yet I have not made any video tutorials for Blossom the horse and I don't plan to.   I may make some helpful tutorials for attaching hair as well as other aspects for the Adventure bags in the future rather than finished product tutorials.   I will however, as always be available to help if you need any assistance with Blossom or any of my other patterns.

I hope that you enjoy making your crochet Horse this week, I would love to see pictures of any you make.   Join me again next week for the official release of the Horse Riding Doll Bella.

See you next week,

Vicky x


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