Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Bella the Crochet Horse Riding Doll

 I hope that you enjoyed the introduction to the Horse Stable Crochet Bag last week and in particular the release of Blossom the Crochet Horse.   This week, I would love to introduce you to Bella the Crochet Horse Riding Doll.

About Bella

I originally created Bella to look after and ride the horses in the Horse Stable Adventure Bag.   She was created from Paintbox Cotton DK* and a 3mm hook.   However, in balance with the horse she just looked too large.  So I made her again in a 2mm hook and this was a much better size to fit the bag set.   The larger sized doll works great for riding the cuddle sized horse and they currently live together on Lily's bed.   Lily has developed a thing about sisters at the moment and so she really wanted a little sister for Bella, who could also look after Blossom's Foal.   So using the same size 10 cotton I made a little sister for Bella.   I used an ecru colour for her skin and white and black for her leggings and boots.   The remaining colours I had were actually a bit smaller in size so I doubled up on them to make the dress, which gives it a two-toned effect, although you could easily do her dress in a solid colour of the right sized cotton.   Like her older sister she also has a removable dress and helmet.

Bella is 5" tall and as she is made with join as you go limbs, she is flexible enough to be able to ride her horse Blossom if she chooses too.   The other nice thing I love about the sisters is that Bella can lead her little sister around to take her first horse riding lesson, or she can put her little sister in front of her and take her for a short ride.   The girls can also look after and feed their horses and put them in the stable to rest.   Bella's little sister is 3" tall and if you choose to, she is the perfect size to ride the foal.   Although I chose not to make riding gear for the foal, you could do this if you wanted both girls to go riding together.

The Patterns

You can purchase the pattern for the Horse Riding Doll in my Etsy Shop for £1.99, or if you prefer you could wait and purchase her as part of the whole

Horse Stable Adventure bag which will be being released next week.  Even if you decide that you didn't want to make the Horse Stable Adventure bag, then the dolls can still be made alongside the horses which would still make a great toy.   As a further alternative, the doll could be made on her own with or without a helmet and she can have adventures of her own that I am sure any child will be able to conjure up in their imagination.

I hope that you have enjoyed the release of Bella the Horse Riding Doll and will join me next week for the final release of the Horse Stable Adventure Bag.

Vicky x


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