Wednesday, 13 December 2017

A Very Crochet Christmas - Crochet Pooling Table Runner

 Since I finally worked out how to do planned pooling when making my bag a couple of months ago I wanted to do some more, but this time with a Christmassy feel.  Although I wasn't entirely sure what I was going to make with it initially I bought as many balls of Christmas colours I could find for a reasonable price in the UK.   This turned out to be more of the Lily Sugar n Cream and although I wanted to experiment with acrylic rather than cotton the price dictated and I got more cotton.

The mistletoe colour actually ended up being slightly easier to pool than the moonstone, I guess because there are less colours in it, but I also found the colour changes to be a little more consistent in length than the moonstone, although it was definitely not perfect.

I started with pooling one ball, and then ended up working 4 balls in a strip.  At this point I sort of wished I had doubled the pattern to increase the width but had spent quite a bit of time on it and didn't want to start again.   So the sensible solution seemed to be to use 4 more balls to make another strip the same size and use the final ball to join them together then work a simple single crochet border.

The whole pooling effect actually matched up quite well considering it was done in 2 strips, but next time I try I am going to increase the width of the pooling.   I think that now having completed this project with larger pieces I feel more confident in tackling a bigger pooling project, or perhaps in a different pattern next time.

The Christmas colours of the mistletoe make it the perfect colour table runner for the Christmas period and it really looks great with the Christmas lantern on it.

I hope that you enjoyed seeing my Christmas table runner and join me next week for the final Christmas post this year.

Vicky x

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