Wednesday, 20 December 2017

A Very Crochet Christmas - Crochet Chocolate Orange Covers

 Although it is Christmas very soon, if you are still looking for a quick home made Christmas gift idea, then these Chocolate Orange Covers would be perfect.   They are cheap and quick to make and look fantastic.   I didn't have to buy anything except the chocolate oranges to make these as they basically used odds that I had left from other projects.   In addition to this they probably took around an hour to make each one and I think they make this tasty chocolate a fun present too!

I started off using this pattern from Crochet with Kate as a basis for my covers, but after making one they came out way too big for the  Chocolate oranges I had made.   Either my gauge was way off or her chocolate oranges were much bigger!!

It wasn't too difficult to make them smaller, I just one less increase row on each half and only had 3 rows before adding the closing method.   Pretty much everything else I kept the same and just adjusted the patterns to make different characters.   I did end up using the embroidery french knots as eyes rather than safety eyes as I found they dug into the chocolate and didn't give quite as good a finish.

I ended up making the reindeer, robin and Christmas pudding that was suggested on the blog, but also adapted the robin to make a penguin and a snowman.   Having completed all of them I am not quite sure who is my favourite but I think Rudolf may just be my favourite!

If you have any more last minute presents you want to make for family, friends or even teachers then I would definitely recommend making these!

I hope that everyone has a fantastic Christmas however you are celebrating.  See you next week for the final post of the year!

Vicky x

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