Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Crochet Baskets

 This week I would love to share with you some more makes from around the home.   As winter is coming I wanted a hanging basket to put all the hats, scarfs and gloves in, to keep that all tiny.   I also needed a new washing basket, but could never find one I liked for the price, so I decided to make one of my own.

I have been working with Bernat Home Maker Dec Yarn for these baskets, something which is completely new to me.  I had 3 balls in pebble beach variegated and 2 balls in spice variegated colour.  I used the spice option for the hanging basket and the pebble beach for the washing basket.

It took a while to get a good hook and gauge to create the look of the basket I wanted.   I didn't want the washing basket full of holes and I eventually ended up using a 4mm hook after much trial and error.   I started with a simple circle increase in single crochet for the base and just kept extending it until the circle reached 15 inches.   At this point I did a row of single crochet in back loops and then continued the sides in moss stitch to give more of a basket feel.

I worked moss stitch until it was 11 inches tall and then created the handles.   For each handle, I chained 20 and skipped 10 moss stitch patterns (sc, ch1) and made sure they were opposite each other.   I think continued with a further 4 rounds of moss stitch to finish off the handles and the basket.   It was really simple and easy to create and looks amazing.  Its quite flexible and will be easily washed perfect if anything gets too dirty.

Hanging Basket

The second basket I made was the handing basket.   This time I used an 8mm hook and used 2 strands of the spice together.   This time I worked my base circle in hdc until is measured 12 inches and then I stopped increasing.   As this is a handing basket I decided not to work a row in back loops as I did above.  I then worked 9 rows of half double crochet before working some short rows to decrease one portion of the basket and add more depth.  I finished by adding a chained handle and a final row of crab stitch.

This basket looks great hanging above the bag and shoe area and has easily fitted four sets of hats, scarfs and gloves, and would probably take more if we needed it too.

I really liked how soft the Bernat home maker yarn is and would definitely use it again.   I think in future I would double strand the yarn and use a larger hook as it works up much quicker.  The hanging basket took me a few hours, about a third of the time of the washing basket!

I hope you have enjoyed looking at my baskets this today.  See you next week,

Vicky x

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