Wednesday, 29 November 2017

A Very Crochet Christmas - Nativity Scene

 This week in Cosy Crochet's Christmas I would like to show you all the Nativity scene I made last year.

We have always had a nativity scene under the Christmas Tree (since it is the reason for Christmas!) and most of the child friendly displays avaliable are not toddler friendly.  Last year Lily was just about 1 and didn't really know not to eat the small figures, so when I saw the nativity pattern in a magazine, I knew this was the solution.   There would be nothing dangerous about a crocheted nativity.   They wouldn't be ruined and it would also provide the kids with a distraction, rather than playing with the Christmas Tree decorations.

Last year the kids just played with it, but this year I hope we can use it to act out the nativity story.   You can find the pattern for the nativity figures part 1 here for FREE  and Part 2 here also for FREE.   The pattern includes all the figures; Mary, Joseph, Jesus (and manger), 2 Shepherds and a lamb, 3 wise men and an angel.   I added my own donkey and a stable with a star on top.  To hold the stable in its shape I put cardboard between crochet panels and sewed them together.   It seems to be holding ok, even after being in storage for a year!  I also added my own mat for the whole nativity to sit on.

I hope you enjoyed my  crochet nativity scene, and if you get a chance the pattern took me less than a week to make and is definitely worth it if you have little ones in the house.   I'll get a photo of it under my tree this year and put it on my social media sites.

See you next week for more Christmas patterns.

Vicky x

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