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Crochet Dinosaur Series - Steve the Stegosaurus

 This week we will continue with the Crochet Dinosaur Series, by releasing another dinosaur pattern for FREE - Steve the Stegosaurus.

Steve's legs are all crocheted in advance and added as you go, meaning on less thing to have to sew on.  His spikes are also made in advance (except the very back 4), although these do need to be sewn on, it is easiest to do so as you rather than waiting to the end, this way it is much less fiddly.

Steve, like the other dinosaurs, can be made in the larger cuddly size, or the smaller size, perfect for playing with his friends on the playmat.   I used safety eyes for all my dinosaurs, but you could just as easily sew them on if you preferred, or were giving him as a gift for a baby.

You can find the pattern for Steve the Stegosaurus below.

I hope you enjoy making Steve this week and adding him to his friends.   See you next week for another dinosaur in this series.

Vicky x

Steve Stegosaurus

Steve is 3” Tall and 11” long when made for the playmat in DK yarn.

If you make Steve in Aran/worsted weight yarn he will be 5” tall and 13” long.

 Materials and Resources

Below is a list of everything you will need to make all of the dinosaurs, their playmat and accessories.   The bonus patterns will have their own resource lists.

  • Double Knit Yarn – 100g balls in the following colours
    • Light Green
    • Red
  • 2 x 10mm safety eyes (or you can sew them on in black)
  • 5 mm hook
  • Tapestry needle
  • Stitch marker
  • scissors

All dinosaurs can be made bigger by using Aran/worsted weight yarn and a 3mm hook.

  1. Stitch List

Below is a list of all the stitches (and their abbreviations) featured in this series of patterns.  All terms used are American.

  • Sl st – slip stitch
  • Sc – single crochet
  • Hdc – Half double Crochet
  • Sc inc – single crochet increase
  • Sc dec – single crochet decrease
  • Ch – chain
  • Popcorn stitch – 4 (or 5) hdc in same stitch, insert hook through first stitch and pull up a loop, then ch 1
  1. Notes

Here are a few handy tips to help you with the pattern.


The dinosaurs have no specific gauge, however they need to be as tight as possible to prevent the stuffing from coming out.  

Other Notes

  • All these patterns are worked in continuous rounds, do not sl st at the end of each round. A stitch marker is essential for keeping track of the start of your rows.
  • It is best to stuff as you go with these patterns. Most patterns indicate the best points to stuff, but incase you miss them, it is always best to stuff if you hit a row that gets to 12 stitches.  Any less makes it much harder to stuff large areas.
  • Where there are spikes to be attached that are sewn on, it is easiest to sew these as you go. I will indicate the rows in the patterns that they will need to be attached at.   You can wait until the dinosaur is finished before you sew in on, but I found this harder to do.

Legs – make 4 in green

1Ch 10, sl st to form ring10
2-6Sc around10
7(4 sc, sc inc) x 212
8Sc around12
Sl st, cast off

Feet – Make 4 in red

RowInstructionStitch Count
16sc in magic circle6
2Attach foot using (sc inc) x 612
3(sl st, ch 2) x 3, sl st3 ch 2 loops
Cast off, sew in ends and stuff legs

 Large Spikes – Make 2 in red (fold spikes in half ready for sewing)

RowInstructionStitch Count
14 sc in magic circle4
2Sc around4
3(sc inc) x48
4Sc around8
5(sc, sc inc) x 412
6Sc around12
7(2 sc, sc inc) x 416
8Sc around16
Sl st and cast off – leave a long tail for sewing

Medium Spike – Make 4 in red (fold spikes in half ready for sewing)

RowInstructionStitch Count
15 sc in magic circle5
2Sc around5
3(sc inc) x 510
4Sc around10
5(4 sc, sc inc) x 212
Sl sl and cast off – leave a long tail for sewing

 Small Spike – Make 8 in red (fold spikes in half ready for sewing)

RowInstructionStitch Count
13 sc in magic circle3
2(sc inc) x 36
3Sc around6
Sl st and cast off – leave a long tail for sewing

Head & Body – in green

RowInstructionStitch Count
14 sc in magic circle4
2Sc around4
3(sc inc) x 2, 2 sc6
4Sc around6
5(sc inc) x 3, 4 sc10
6-7Sc around10
8(sc inc, sc) x2, 6sc12
9-10Sc around12
11(sc inc) x 4, 8 sc16
12Sc around16
134 sc, (sc inc) x 2, 10 sc18
Begin short row shaping here;
10 sc, sl st, turn
10 sc, sl st, turn
14Sc around

(don’t forget to work in stitches at the base of sl st from previous short rows (see short row shaping for reference)

154sc, sc dec, sc, sc dec, 9 sc16
16Sc around16
Insert eyes between rows 11 and 12 at stitches 2-3 and 9-10
174sc, 4 hdc popcorn, 2 sc, 4 hdc popcorn, 8 sc16
18-19Sc around16
20-22Repeat rows 17-1916
235 sc, (sc inc) x 2, 9 sc18
24-25Sc around18
Attach two small spikes – line them up against the popcorn stitches.
26(2 sc, sc inc) x 624
27Sc around24
28(3 sc, sc inc) x 630
29Attach leg with 5 sc, 18 sc, attach leg with 5 sc, 2 sc30
Attach second set of small spikes across last few rows, line them up with previous spikes
30-31Sc around30
32(4 sc, sc inc) x 636
32-34Sc around36
Attach medium spike set across last few rows, as above
35(5 sc, sc inc) x 642
36-45Sc around42
Attach large spikes across last few rows, as above
46(5 sc, dc dec) x 636
47-48Sc around36
Attach second set of medium spikes as above
49(4sc, sc dec) x 630
502 sc, attach leg with 5 sc, 18 sc, attach leg with 5 sc30
Attach set small set of spikes as above
51(3sc, sc dec) x 624
52-53Sc around24
Attach last set of spikes here
54(2 sc, sc dec) x 618
55-56Sc around18
Stuff head and body here then continue on to tail

Tail – in green continuing from body above

RowInstructionStitch Count
57Sc around18
588 sc, 4 hdc popcorn, 3 sc, 4 hdc popcorn, 5 sc18
59-60Sc around18
61-63Repeat rows 58 – 6018
64(sc, sc dec) X 612
65-66Sc around12
Stuff tail – for the remaining rows stuff as you go
67(4 sc, sc dec) x 210
68(3 sc, sc dec) x 28
69(2 sc, sc dec) x 26
70(sc, sc dec) x 24
Sl st, cast off and sew tail shut.  Sew in any ends

Tail Spikes – in red – make 4

RowInstructionStitch Count
1Bottom spikes – between rows 6 and 7 (from the end of the tail), Attach yarn on the outside of each popcorn stitch with a sl st.  Ch 4, sc in 2nd ch from hook and down remaining 2 chains, then sl st in starting sl st and cast off.   Sew in ends 
Top Spikes – count 2 rows up from previous spikes (towards the head) and make 2 more spikes as above.


© All patterns on this page belong to You may not sell this pattern. Please feel free to sell the items you make using this pattern, however please acknowledge me in your listing.



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