Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Crochet Dreamcatcher

 This week is my final week looking at Crochet Decorations for the home (at least for now).  I have always loved Dreamcatchers, they look so pretty and I love the idea behind them too.   However, until this week it has always been a project I wanted to try but have never quite gotten around to.

To begin with, I bought some embroidery hoops in two different sizes and removed the top hooks.   This gave me 2 larger and 2 smaller sizes to work with.   I also used some more of the new Women's Institute cotton from Hobbycraft that I was using for last weeks Kitchen projects.   I googled a few designs and read through a few patterns and the basic principle seemed to be the same.   Essentially you work in the round from the middle until it is big enough and then crochet it to the hoop last before adding any decorations.

I began with a small dreamcatcher using the blue and white cotton and worked a simple circle design which turned into a 10 point star before being attached to the hoop.   I wanted to add a feather as is traditional and remembered seeing a pattern for Tunisian crochet feathers on Pinterest which I thought would fit in perfectly.   I actually haven't tried Tunisian crochet before, (although it is something I have wanted to try) so it took a few attempts before I got the hang of it.   I initially just worked a plain feather and added some stitching decoration, but after the first try I braved working with 2 colours, which was not really that much more difficult, but definitely more effective.

The second dreamcatcher I made was the pink one, which was again free handed from a flower in the centre, although it has actually ended up looking more like a star in the end!   As I was working these sitting next to one of my cushions (from a couple of weeks back) I thought the centre of the Sophie's Universe pattern would look great as a dreamcatcher.   Since I was making it one morning whilst the kids were playing, I actually managed to make more petals on the starting flower and as a result I ended up having to adapt the pattern as I went to make it work.  Despite this I am pleased with the final result.  My final dreamcatcher I worked the Granny spiral Dreamcatcher pattern, with 10 strands alternating in black and white.

I have put the smaller pink and blue dreamcatchers hanging over Oliver and Lily's bed and the larger ones are hanging in my kitchen and living room windows and I am really pleased with the results.   Dreamcatchers are definitely something I want to make more of, and I am thinking I may even try with much thinner cotton next time to make something more delicate.

I hope that you have enjoyed this weeks post on dreamcatchers.   I hope to see you next week for the start of my new dinosaur series.

Vicky x

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