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Crochet Dinosaur Series - Terry the Pterodactyl

 This week Kicks off my Crochet Dinosaur Series.   I have been working very hard to produce this series and I am very pleased with it.  At some point in their lives, most children love dinosaurs, and my children are no exception.   We decorated their bedroom a while back with a dinosaur theme and that is where the idea came from.   I have wanted to do more with the playmats I have made and so combining the two ideas seemed perfect.

The dinosaurs themselves, work well in two different sizes.   I have made them in Aran/Worsted weight yarn with a 3mm hook as well as in Double Knit weight yarn with a 2.5mm hook.   They both came out well, the larger sizes have gone as presents to other children and the smaller ones we have kept for use on the playmat.   I have designed 8 dinosaurs in total, alongside a playmat with trees and a volcano, all of which fit into a dinosaur bag for storage.   My kids love their dinosaur playmat set!

I have divided these patterns up in to 12 weekly sections (8 dinosaurs, playmat, volcano, trees and dinosaur bag) and I have decided that each pattern will be released on a weekly basis, which for that week only, will be FREE!   If you miss the pattern that week, or are too impatient to wait for them all to be released then don't worry, they will be available to purchase in the 'Crochet Dinosaur eBook' which will be released soon.  Also included in the eBook will be two bonus patterns, the dinosaur comforter and C2C Dinosaur baby blanket, which I have now added written instructions to go with the graph.   You will only find the blanket's written instructions in the eBook.

So to kick the Crochet Dinosaur Series up, this week's first pattern is for Terry the Pterodactyl.   Terry was the first dinosaur I designed and is made with join as you go legs and sew on beak, tail and wings.   He stands up well and you can also make him fly.   I made Terry in Red and Yellow, but I think other colours would work well too.

You can purchase the pattern for Terry the Pterodactyl below and they include everything you need to make him in either the larger size or the smaller size to go with the playmat.  He uses basic stitches, but has more details instructions for any techniques which are not commonly found.  Therefore I think, anyone should be able to make him.   If you do need any further information or support when making Terry, then you can, as always, email or contact me on Facebook.

I hope you love making Terry as much as I did designing him.  Join me again next week to see the next dinosaur pattern released.   Which dinosaur do you think is coming next?

Vicky x

Terry PterodactylTerry Pterodactyl

Terry is 9” Tall and 8” wide when made for the playmat in DK yarn.

If you make Terry in Aran/worsted weight yarn he will be 10,5” tall and 14” wide.

 Materials and Resources

Below is a list of everything you will need to make Terry.

  • Double Knit Yarn – 100g balls in the following colours
    • Yellow
    • Red
  • 2 x 10mm safety eyes (or you can sew them on in black)
  • Stuffing
  • 5mm crochet hook
  • Tapestry needle
  • Stitch marker
  • scissors

All dinosaurs can be made bigger by using Aran/worsted weight yarn and a 3mm hook.

  1. Stitch List

Below is a list of all the stitches (and their abbreviations) featured in this series of patterns.  All terms used are American.

  • Sl st – slip stitch
  • Sc – single crochet
  • Sc inc – single crochet increase
  • Sc dec – single crochet decrease
  • Ch – chain


Here are a few handy tips to help you with the pattern.


The dinosaur has no specific gauge, however they need to be as tight as possible to prevent the stuffing from coming out.

 Attaching Limbs as you go

Below is a guide to demonstrate how to attach limbs as you go.  Some of the dinosaur patterns use this method, other’s require normal sewing.

  1. To attach a limb you will need to hold your limb next to the dinosaur with the opening at the top with the toes pointing inwards at the bottom. The photo to the left shows what you will see when placed correctly.
  2. You will then insert your hook through 2 layers of leg and through the dinosaur body and pull up a loop through all 3 layers. Then complete the single crochet.

All limbs will be attached this way unless otherwise stated.   Each pattern will indicate the number of single crochet stitches required to attach it.

  1. Feet are attached to the legs in a similar manner. Your hook will be inserted through the stitch on both the foot and the leg and a loop pulled through and single crochet completed.   The difference with the feet is that 2 single crochets will go through each foot loop but only one will go through each foot.

Other Notes

  • All these patterns are worked in continuous rounds, do not sl st at the end of each round. A stitch marker is essential for keeping track of the start of your rows.
  • It is best to stuff as you go with these patterns. Most patterns indicate the best points to stuff, but incase you miss them, it is always best to stuff if you hit a row that gets to 12 stitches.  Any less makes it much harder to stuff large areas.

Legs – Make 2 in Red

1Ch 8 , sl st to form a circle8
2- 5Sc around8
6(sc, sc inc) x 612
Sl st, cast off

Feet – Make 2 in Yellow

RowInstructionStitch Count
16sc in magic circle6
2Attach foot using (sc inc) x 612
3(sl st, ch 2) x 3, sl st3 ch 2 loops
Cast off, sew in ends and stuff legs

 Head – In red

14sc in magic circle4
2Sc around4
3(sc, sc inc) x26
4Sc around6
5(2sc, sc inc) x 28
6Sc around8
7(3sc, sc inc) x210
8Sc around10
9(4sc, sc inc) x212
10Sc around12
11(5sc, sc inc) x214
12Sc around14
13(6sc, sc inc) x216
14Sc around16
15Sc inc, (6sc, sc inc) x2, sc inc20
16Sc around20
17(4sc, sc inc) x 424
18Sc around24
198 sc, ch 8, skip 8, 8sc16 sc & ch 8
208 sc, 8 sc in ch 8 gap, 8 sc24
21-22Sc around24
23(2sc, sc dec) x 618
24Sc around18
25(sc, sc dec) x 612
26-30Sc around12
31(sc, sc inc) x 618
32(2 sc, sc inc) x624
33–49Sc around24
50Attach leg with 4sc, 9sc, attach 2nd leg with 4sc, 7sc24
516 sc, ch 6 skip 6, 12sc18 sc, ch 6
526sc, 6sc in ch 6 gap, 12 sc24
53(2 sc, sc dec) x618
54(sc, sc dec) x612
55(sc dec) x66
Sl st, cast off and sew hole shut
Add eyes 3 rows above the beak gap on either side
Stuff Terry

You should now have something that looks like the images below, with two openings, one of the front for the beak and one on the back for the tail.   You may need to use a couple of stitches across the legs to hold them down.

 Beak – in Yellow

14sc in magic circle4
2Sc around4
3(sc, sc inc) x26
4Sc around6
5(2sc, sc inc) x 28
6Sc around8
7(3sc, sc inc) x210
8Sc around10
9(4sc, sc inc) x212
10Sc around12
11(5sc, sc inc) x214
12Sc around14
Sl st, cast off with a long tail, sew to front opening

Tail – In red

14sc in magic circle4
2Sc around4
3(sc, sc inc) x26
4Sc around6
5(2sc, sc inc) x 28
6Sc around8
7(3sc, sc inc) x210
8Sc around10
9(4sc, sc inc) x212
10Sc around12
11(5sc, sc inc) x214
12Sc around14
Sl st, cast off with a long tail, then sew to back opening

 Some images showing how to create the arm on the wing and sewing them to the body.

 Wings – Make 2 in red and 2 in yellow

1Ch 21, sc in 2nd chain from hook and each ch to end20
2Ch 1, turn, 8 sc, (sc inc) x4, 8 sc24
3-6Ch1 , turn, Sc across24
7Ch 1 turn, 10 sc (sc inc) x4, 10 sc28
8-11Ch, 1 turn, sc across28
Sl sl and cast off
To join, hold a red and yellow piece together and sc around two sides and bottom, using (sc, ch2, sc) in each corner
For the top row you will need to sc across and then ch1, turn and make 3 more rows in this way.
Then fold the rows you have just made over and sl st them to the top row of the yellow piece to form the arm
Sew wings to Terry with yellow being the front.
Finally sew a couple of claws on the end of each arm at the top of the wing.


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