Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Dragonfly Granny Shrug

 This week I want to share with you my granny shrug with a twist.   I had been looking online for ideas and the granny shrug seems to be really popular at the moment.  I loved the idea of it, however, I have used the granny pattern a lot and wanted to try something a little different.   Since the basis of the shrug is to make a really large square I figured any pattern in a square would work.   After browsing around for a while I was reminded of the dragonfly stitch that I have been wanting to try for a while, and the idea came to me to combine the dragonfly stitch with the granny shrug.   If you have followed me on social media, you would have seen some of my sneak previews learning the dragonfly stitch to create my granny shrug.

I started with the blanket pattern Radiating Dragonflies and used it as the basis to start my shrug.   The pattern is easy to understand and once I got to grips with it I was able to work through the square pretty quickly.   However, despite how easy I found the dragonfly stitch, I actually ended up frogging this 3 times before I got it right.  The first time, I couldn't find the right size of square I needed and I stopped and finished it off way too soon and it didn't fit at all!   The second time I tried to make it bigger, however, I ran out of wool and since I was using the purple sweet rolls from America (a gift from a friend) I wasn't able to get anymore.   I tried adding a trim in a turquoise sweet roll, however, again I didn't have the amount of wool in one sweet roll to complete it.

I had been looking at the Caron Cakes that Hobbycraft now sell, and decided to get a couple of the Faerie ones and once again I frogged my work.   This time I decided to work a set of dragonflies in alternating colours until the square was big enough, which in this case was the same size as the Radiating Dragonfly throw, with 7 dragonfly repeats.   Once I got to this size, I continued to fold the square up to make the holes for the arms and at this point it was fitting great, so I was able to go ahead and finish the trim.   I used 5 rows of RIB stitch around the edge to make the collar and sleeves and then sewed some chunky turquoise buttons on to finish it off.  They fit great through the RIB stitches and therefore I didn't need to worry about making buttonholes.

In the end I used about 3 and a half of the purple sweet rolls and about 1 and a quarter of the faerie Caron Cakes to make this and it is large enough to really feel snug.   I can wrap it round me tightly and despite the holes from the dragonflies, it keeps me really warm.   For a lighter feel I can do up 1 or 2 of the buttons or leave it completely open.   It is of course typical that I finish making it just as the heatwave seems to have hit us in the UK and its now just hung up waiting to be worn.   However, once the weather does cool down, I know that I will love wearing this granny shrug and I love that it has the twist of the dragonfly stitch and is in my favourite colours!

I hope that you have enjoyed reading about my Dragonfly Granny Shrug and maybe try one of your own.   See you next week.

Vicky x

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