Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Crochet Gallery

 This week, is going to be a bit different.  I have several almost finished projects that I want to share with you soon, and even more ideas that I have not even started yet, but nothing fully finished.  I was rushing to try and finish one of them, but I won't be able to do it in time, and I would rather not ruin the project by rushing, so I was looking around the house at ideas to share with you this week.  I have found several toys that I have made in the last few years, most of them free handed with no patterns, so rather than having too much text or patterns this week, I am going to do a gallery of past projects.

Most of the pictures will speak for themselves, so I will just caption them.   There are no patterns for most of these and I'm not sure that I could write down what I did for most of them, so this is mostly a look and enjoy week.  I will as usual link any patterns I have used.   I hope you will enjoy the crochet gallery and I will be back next week with a new design and finished pattern for you all.

See you next week

Vicky x

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