Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Crochet Decorations for Home - Cushions

 I have worked on lots of crochet projects in the last few years, most of which end up either given away or in my children's bedroom.   I do have a couple of blankets I keep on the sofa's in the winter, however nothing to show in our living room during the summer.    I wanted to brighten up the room a bit and I have decided to start making some crochet decorations for home in between other projects.   I have quite a few ideas of what to make but to start off with, I have been making cushions.

I went to my local Hobbycraft at the beginning of the month and bought 4 cushions pads and 8 100g balls of double knit wool in rainbow colours (red, orange, yellow, green, turquoise, blue, purple and black).   I had no idea if it would be enough at the time, but it turned out to be perfect.   I used more or less every ball up, leaving only odd bits left (which will be put in a scrap bag to use on something when I have collected enough).

This week, I want to share with you my first two cushion designs.   I wanted to go for stitches and patterns I had not yet tried and so after much searching I came across the Sophie's Universe blanket.  I love this design, but don't really have need of a full size blanket, (and being as the weather has been so warm lately, don't really want to be crocheting something so large presently anyway!) so I decided to use just the centre motifs of this beautiful pattern to create my cushion front.  I was hoping I may have been able use the pattern up to the part where it turns into a square, however, even with the thinner DK wool and a 4mm hook it would have been way to large for the 16" cushion pads I had puchased.   In the end I completed parts 1 to 19 and then used a couple of additional rows to make it into the square I needed.   I just used growing stitches to create a corner in each end and then finished with a row of double crochet to pull out the square a little more.   I just picked random colours out of the basked when creating it, however, I probably would have done the pattern more justice if I had thought more about the colour combinations (and I may well do the whole pattern with better thought to this in the winter).   Since this was the last cushion I made I was pretty low on some colours and that really dictated what I could use where.

The back of this cushion, I just went for a simple striped c2c (corner to corner) pattern using the colours in the order of how much was left.   At the end I added a single crochet row to make it easier to attach the the front of the pillow.  To put them together, I simply held them as I wanted the cushion to appear and then used single crochet through both sides of the cushion.  This creates a bit of a ridge around the edge, but I like that effect, sort of like piping around a fabric cushion.

I wanted to make the cushions washable, and I didn't want to bother putting in zips as it takes a lot of time to do, so I made small flaps for the cushions and added buttons to close the gap.  It is just as well I did this as I have already had to wash one, thanks to my potty training daughter!  To make the flap I  put 4 rows of double crochet at one end of the cushion front and then folded it over between the front and back of the cushions.   When I used single crochet to join the front and back, I just made sure I went through the edges of the flaps at either end and didn't single crochet the forth side (flap end) up.   I added buttons across the middle of the flap and they secure nicely in between the stitches at the back without needing button holes.

The second cushion design I want to share with you this week, is my Tetris inspired cushion.   I wanted to make something a bit more manly for my hubby so he wasn't surrounded by flowery cushions all the time.   He is a gamer and so I thought about games that could be easily made into a cushions.   A search using Pinterest showed me a Tetris blanket and this gave me the idea.  I initially divided my 16" cushion into 2" squares and after realising each Tetris piece is made of 4 squares I decided to make 8 squares in each colour and 8 black pieces for the Tetris board.

It doesn't really take that long to make a 2" square, I just made 2 rounds of double crochet into a magic circle and used a double crochet, treble crochet, double crochet as a corner.   The squares were made quickly and I blocked them all as I went making them so much easier to put together.   The back of the cushion took a little longer, as that was a much larger square, but worked up in the same way as the 2" squares.   This time, however, to make the back less 'holey', I used the joined double crochet method for the first time and this was really great!  Its worth noting that it loses its stretch using this method and will need more rows than it might otherwise have needed to get the required size using normal double crochets.

I had drawn a picture on graph paper of how I wanted my Tetris board to look so I didn't make any mistakes putting the grid together.  I used single crochet in black to put them together which creates the raised look and makes it more grid like, I think.   Perhaps the longest part of creating this cushion was sewing all the many ends in once the cushion front was put together.

The rest of the cushion was made as the flower cushion above, creating the extra flap at the top of the cushion front and using the single crochet to put the front and back together.   I did the same again with the buttons to secure the cushion around the pad.

The picture above shows the cushions, front and back for the flower cushion and the Tetris cushion (The back isn't very exciting so I didn't take a picture of it).   I am pleased with how the cushions have turned out and my husband seems to like his Tetris cushion too (he would now like a gaming blanket for cold nights - maybe one for Christmas!).

I hope you enjoyed looking at my cushions this week.   Next week I will be looking at the next two cushions I have made, both the same rainbow colours as above, but with a Native American stitch design, you may have seen the previews as I was trying out the stitches on Facebook and Instagram.  Please feel free to share and cushion designs you have made with me, I love looking at other peoples projects.

See you next week,

Vicky x

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