Wednesday, 24 May 2017

My Top 10 Crochet Stitches

 We have been experiencing some lovely weather here in my part of Britain this week and as a result we have been outdoors having picnics, feeding ducks and going to the park.   All great fun, especially for the children, but not overly productive for crochet!   So this week, as I haven't got any finished projects to show you (I am still working on the dragonfly stitch project I shared last week on social media) I would like to share with you my top 10 crochet stitches. (All stitches are referred to in american terms)

  1.  Single Crochet - I know this is a really basic stitch and something that is pretty much something everyone starts off learning, but it really is a stitch I couldn't do without.   It is great for making all sorts of other stitches and I use it as an alternative to sewing clothing and blankets together (I really don't like sewing!)   But even more than that I love how it can be used to make toys and with good tight tension prevents stuffing from showing through.
  2. Shell Stitch - This was one of the first stitches that I learnt to crochet and I loved how easy it was.   I have made lots of items with this stitch, cardigans, skirts, tops, jackets, blankets I love it.   I love how it can be adapted so easily to create different sized shells and to make it stretch across the edges of blankets.   This is definitely a stitch I would recommend you learn.
  3. Dragonfly Stitch - This is a stitch I have been wanting to try for ages, but I have only just gotten around to it.   It look me a while to get the hang of spacing it easily as the dragonflies are made over a couple of rows, but I absolutely love this stitch.   It is so pretty and I have so many ideas for what I can do with it, so keep a look out for future dragonfly projects on this blog!
  4. Popcorn stitch - When I was extending Lily's baby blanket I learnt many new stitches but one of the ones I have used again since is the popcorn stitch.  I love the raised texture it gives and the fact that you can adapt it from the polka dot effect to being a strawberry (or any other round fruit if you changed the colour) to a ball or anything else you feel like.  This is a stitch I know I will continue to use in future projects.
  5. C2C (corner to corner) Stitch - this is a stitch I have only learnt this year and it is a stitch that I really love.  I really like how it can be used for stripes, plain or even a picture graph.  It is easy and quick to work up and I will continue to use this stitch for many projects in the future.
  6. V Stitch - This was a stitch I have used a few times.  I learnt it when making my wedding shawl and transferred it into part of my Lacey jacket pattern.  It also made an appearance in Lily's blanket and it is a stitch that is really easy to replicate.  It gives an open Lacey feel and looks really nice, a real summery stitch and one I will use a lot.
  7. Granny Stitch - This is the classic crochet stitch and makes amazing squares.  I have been using the granny stitch for a while now, having made a poncho and a patchwork blanket I know this is a stitch I will a lot more in the future - in fact I have a few projects in the pipeline with this stitch when I have some more time!
  8. Backpost / Frontpost stitches - technically these are two different stitches, but I love putting them together in an alternating pattern to create a similar look to the knitting RIB stitch.  I find this is great for sleeve cuffs and edging on clothing particularly, it really finished a piece off.   These stitches also work really well to create cable patterns, something I want to work with more this winter!
  9. Mesh stitch - I love the simplicity of this stitch and used it to create the toy hammocks for the children, and think it would also look fab incorporated into a summer top.   It would also make great shopping bags made in a good sturdy cotton and probably loads of other projects it would work up great for too.
  10. Chevron/wave Stitch - This is perhaps the stitch that I struggled with the most.   I learnt it quite early on to create Oliver's blanket and I had many issues with the counting of rows which has resulted in a wonky blanket.  Despite this, I love the look of it and it is a stitch I fully intend to work on some more in the future and I would love to use it in rainbow colours to create a rainbow wave effect.

These are my current top 10 crochet stitches at the moment, but there are literally hundreds more out there I would love to try.   I have an idea for a stitch a week square to make a patchwork blanket up over a year or so and is something I might do to use up the wool ends next year from this year.  It may be something I will do as a mini weekly blog crochet a long starting after the summer.   I would love anyone to let me know if this is something they would be interested in joining in with.

I hope you have enjoyed reading about my top 10 crochet stitches this week, I will see you next week with hopefully a finished project!

Vicky x

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