Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Crochet Toys - Mermaid Doll and Snake


This week I finally got around to working on a couple of smaller crochet toys I had been wanting to make for the children.  Lily loves watching mermaids on TV and I had wanted to make her a proper mermaid.  Earlier on in the year I had noticed a pattern released by Featherby and Friends for a mermaid doll and after taking part in their birthday celebrations I had been given a coupon for money off one of their patterns and so I purchased the mermaid pattern.   I didn't have access to the wool used for the hair so I asked my sister to bring me some home from America and the pattern was set aside.   This week I finally had time, the wool had arrived and I had the pattern so I started to make the mermaid.   She didn't take me long at all, even considering I took her apart as I wasn't happy with the effect using the 8mm hook recommended, her gaps were way to big in the stitches.

She's larger than I expected although she is made using chunky blanket wool, but she was super easy and quick to make and she is very soft and cuddly.   Her hair took the longest to add on but it was totally worth it.  Her hair is so soft and the colours are perfect for a mermaid.  Since Lily is still young I had tied her hair up so it doesn't get completely knotted and a mess but when she's older we can take it out.   Lily loves her and she now lives on her bed when she isn't being dragged around!   The pattern is a paid one,  but she's definitely worth paying for.  If you want to make your own mermaid then you can find the pattern at this link. 

Also this week I was able to make Oliver the snake he has been after for ages.  Whenever we go to a toy shop he loves the super long snakes, and he is always playing with the dog's toy snake at his grandparents house.  So this week I decided it was time to make one for him.   He choose his colours of blue and green and I set out to make it.   It didn't really take long, I just increased stitches in a magic circle until I got to 36 stitches in the round and then I tried out some tapestry crochet techniques using the green to create triangle patterns in the snakes skin.   It worked up really nicely, although it did take me a while to find a good rhythm where I wasn't constantly tangling the two balls of wool up!   I used some left over Caron Simply Soft wool I had from another project and the colours are great.   Its not a super long snake but Oliver wanted it done immediately and he wasn't patient enough to wait for me to make it any longer.   I stuffed him when I finished the length and that was a nightmare, I should have stuffed as I went along, but I finished with the tail in blue and added a yellow kinder egg filled with beads to give the snake a rattle sound.   So far he is holding up to the beatings of a 3 year old throwing it around!

I didn't really use any kind of pattern to make him, and its not overly worth creating one as it was so simple to make, but if anyone is interested in creating their own snake, then I will add some directions below.  When working 2 colours, carry the colour you are not working with underneath each stitch and change colour on the final yarn over of the previous stitch.  Stuff the snake as you go and if you want to add a rattle, add it in the tail to make a rattle snake!  It only uses a couple of stitches, single crochet (sc), single crochet increase (sc inc), single crochet decrease (sc dec), ch (chain) and slip stitch (sl st) to make the snake and once you have gotten used to the changes of colour is easy to work up.   I am now looking forward to making something more detailed using the tapestry crochet.

Snake Pattern

Tonge in yellow

  • ch 9, sc in 2nd ch from hook and in every ch to end, ch5, sc in 2nd ch from hook and every ch to end, sl st into original st then ch 5 and sc in 2nd ch from hook and every ch to end of ch, sl st into starting st and cast off.  Attach to snake between rounds 10 and 11 in between the eyes underneath the snakes body.


  • starting in blue, 6sc in magic circle (do not sl st in any round)
  • sc inc in every st (12)
  • (sc inc, sc) rep to end (18)
  • (sc inc, 2 sc) rep to end (24)
  • (sc inc, 3 sc) rep to end (30)
  • (sc inc, 4 sc) rep to end (36)
  •  for the next 6 rows - sc around (36)
  • insert eyes between rows 10 and 11
  • *(5sc in blue, sc in Green) rep to end
  • 2sc in green (3 sc in blue, 3sc in green) rep 5 times, 1sc in green
  • 3sc in green, 1sc in blue (5sc in green, 1 sc in blue) rep 5 times, 2sc in green
  • sc around in blue
  • 4sc in blue, 1sc in green (5sc in blue, 1sc in green) rep 5 times, 1sc in blue
  • (3 sc in blue, 3 sc in green) rep to end
  • 1 sc in green, 1sc in blue (5sc in green, 1 sc in blue) rep 5 times, 4sc in green
  • sc around in blue*
  • rep from * to * another 12 times
  • (4sc, sc dec ) rep to end (30)
  • sc around (30)
  • (3sc, sc dec) (24)
  • sc around (24)
  • (2sc, sc dec) (18)
  • sc around (18)
  • (sc, sc dec) (12)
  • sc around
  • sc dec around (6)
  • sew end shut and sew in ends.

Thanks for reading this weeks post, I hope you have enjoyed reading about my creations.  I would love to see any pictures of the snake if you decide to make it.  See you next week.

Vicky x

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