Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Rainbow Lace Crochet Dress WIP

 This week I want to do something a little different, instead of sharing a finished project, I would like to share something I am currently working on, my WIP (work in progress).  I was invited to a 60's themed hen party at the end of the month and I did not have anything 60's style to wear.  I thought about buying something, but I had seen some lovely rainbow wool in Hobbycraft which would be great for the project.   I spent a few hours browsing Pinterest for inspiration and I found a few crochet dresses I liked.   (If you would like to see my inspiration check out the board I made here.)  I then purchased a load of the chunky rainbow wool I saw (James C Brett Partytime) and sat down with the images to see what I could create.

This is the first time I have ever tried to work directly from photos and it took a lot of trial and error, making and undoing, but I started to get somewhere I that was beginning to like.   My first attempt shown below on the right I actually got quite far with, and although it fit nicely it wasn't getting any real shape to it, and I quickly realised that it perhaps needed to be reworked.  Since I had done the individual motif's and joined them together as I went it was quite a lot of work to undo, and I had also weaved in my ends as I went, not something I should have done whilst I was experimenting!   I have actually ended up putting it aside to deal with later (I bought plenty of wool to try with and therefore I had the luxury to be able to start again without having to undo it straight away.

The picture on the the left represents my next try, somewhat more floral that than attempt number 1 but I actually like this design and it is 100% my idea and not copied from images.   I did note this time to not weave in my ends until I was 100% happy with it, so it will be so much easier to undo if I change my mind!   The weather in the UK has been unusually hot for the last week or so and I therefore I decided to leave this WIP too since the chunky wool was likely to be just too hot for the end of April.  So for the moment both of these are sitting in a drawer, but I fully intend to something with them later in the year, I think perhaps they would be better for the winter months and would work great for a jacket rather than a crochet dress.

I actually remembered I had bought some rainbow 4ply wool last year (Women's Institute) which was sat awaiting a project and I thought this would be great.   I wanted to combine the circles and flowers from my previous 2 attempts but also again come up with something unique.   I have spent the last couple of weeks or so working on this new version in the lighter wool which I am really liking.  The top picture shows the motives held together at the start and the bottom shows the top of the dress with the start of the sleeves.   I have obviously got a long way to go but I like how it fits on me so far and how it is coming together.  In fact I was so pleased with it that I weaved in all the ends so far last night.   I am hoping to have some long flowing sleeves on the dress and most of the top being quite fitted with a more flowing short skirt on the end.

This version of the dress will definitely be a lot better for the warmer weather and the rainbow it a little more subtle than my original choice, but it means I can probably wear it a little more often!   I will be putting up my progress pictures on my social media channels, if you would like to follow them.   I will also be writing out this pattern, but since it is a larger project it will be a while before it will be available.  I will probably be looking for some individuals to test the pattern in May, so send me an email or comment on the blog of social media if this is something you would be interested in.

I hope you have enjoyed this week's post and will look forward to my progress on the crochet dress.  See you next week, I'm off to continue working on it!

Vicky x

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