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Lacey Wedding Clothes

If you follow Cosy Crochet on Facebook you may have noticed the WIP I posted at the end of last week.   I was working on a silver lacey shawl.   We have a family wedding in a couple of months and I knew both Lily and I would need something in case it's cold in the evening.   Knowing the UK weather that's likely even in May!   I have been wanting to try to crochet some lace patterns for a whole and after a few hours searching pintrest I came across the following pattern which I loved.    I had some spare silver wool I bought a while back when aldi had one of their special weeks and it had been sitting around waiting for a project and this was it.

The project worked up quickly and although I increased the length by an additional 20 rows than the pattern initially suggests it was very quick and easy to do.   This is the first piece that I have actually gotten around to blocking and it definitely benefited from it.   To block I used my kids old foam puzzle tiles that have been in a cupboard for ages.   With a couple of towels on top to absorb the moisture from getting it wet and some seriously bent pins I was very pleased with the result.  It has definitely bought out the lacey design and I will definitely be blocking more projects in the future (as well as buying some more pins).

I had 2 of the silver 50g balls of Wool left and decided to make something inspired by the above shawl pattern for Lily to wear.    I decided on a half length, short sleeved jacket.  The main is HDC (half double crochet with a lacey edge at the bottom and a simplified version of the lace for the sides, neck and sleeve edges.   I finished it off with a silver rose on one side.   I was going to add a button to close at the top but I couldn't find any in my supply I liked and I didn't feel when I had finished that it needed one enough to go out and buy one!

I am very pleased with the result even if Lily wasn't too thrilled with trying it on and modeling it for me - the picture below was the best I could get after giving her bribery!  Hopefully she will like it for the actual day!   If you would like to try making your own then the lacey jacket pattern is here. 

I hope you have enjoyed the lacey wedding clothing post as much as I enjoyed making them and I will try and get some pictures uploaded after the wedding of Lily and I wearing them!

See you all next week

Vicky x

Lacey Jacket Pattern Age 2-3

Gauge - 18 stitches and 14 rows of hdc in 10cm square

1.    Materials and Resources

Below is a list of everything you will need to make this jacket

·        Silver 4ply wool 75g

·        4mm hook

·        Needle to sew in ends

2.   Stitch List

·        sc - single crochet

·        Sl st- slip stitch

·        ch - chain

·        hdc - half double crochet

·        dc - double crochet

·        FSC - foundation single crochet

3.  Pattern






FSC 69, ch 1 turn



10 hdc, hdc ch1 hdc in next st, 10 hdc, hdc ch1 hdc in next st, 25hdc, hdc ch1 hdc in next st, 10 hdc, hdc ch1 hdc in next st, 10 hdc, ch1 turn



11 hdc, hdc ch1 hdc in ch1 sp, 12 hdc, hdc ch1 hdc in ch1 sp, 27hdc, hdc ch1 hdc in ch1 sp, 12 hdc, hdc ch1 hdc in ch1 sp, 11 hdc, ch1 turn



Repeat as above with 1 hdc in each hdc and hdc ch1 hdc in each ch1 sp.  Increase by 8 st in each row



20 hdc, fold work so the first 2 ch 1 sp are on top of each other and hdc through both, hdc 48, repeat as before to make second sleeve with hdc through both ch1 spaces, hdc 20, ch5 turn    



dc in first st, (sk next st, dc ch2 dc in same st) repeat to the end (31 V st).  If you don't have quite the right amount adjust under the arm by either skipping or adding An extra sk st.  You should start and end on a V. Ch1 turn



(sc in ch 2 sp, ch5) repeat to end, ch3 turn



(sc in ch5 sp, ch3) rep to end put last sc in sc from Previous row.  Ch 2 turn



(sc in ch3 sp, ch1, sc ch3 sc in sc, ch1) turn work to sides



You will now work up the sides and around the next



space 20 sc from where you are to neck corner, sc ch2 sc in corner.   Sc across neck line, sc ch2 sc in next corner, 20 sc down final side.   Ch1 turn



sc in each sc and sc ch2 sc in corners around whole row, ch1 turn



(sc ch3 sc, 2sc) repeat until corner note there will only be 1 sc before corner not 2, sc ch3 sc in corner, (sc ch3 sc, 2sc) across neck line and second corner, then down other side 1sc, (sc ch3 sc, 2sc to end finishing on sc ch3 sc.



Cast off and sew in ends








attach wool with sl to centre underneath arm and ch2, hdc around and finish with sl to top of ch2 (33)



Ch1 hdc  around and end with sl st, to first hdc



Ch1 (sc ch3 sc, 2sc) rep to end of sleeve finish with sl st in first sc and cast off and sew in ends.








ch63, dc in 4th ch from hook and dc to end of row turn (no ch)



Sk first st and (6dc in next st, sk st, sc, sk st) to end cast off leaving a long tail



Roll up the rose lengthways and when happy with it sew the underneath along the ch edge to secure in rose shape.


Attach rose to jacket


© All patterns on this page belong to You may not sell this pattern. Please feel free to sell the items you make using this pattern, however please acknowledge me in your listing.



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