Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Scrap Wool Granny Blanket

 It's finally finished!   This week I finished putting together the granny squares blanket made of scrap wool.    I've been working on it most evenings.    I am very pleased with the final product.   It measures 160cm x 160cm (the biggest project I have ever worked on) and should cover a double bed although it's actually going to be for the new sofa arriving tomorrow.

It consists of 196 granny squares - some in plain colour and other that are mixed in colour.    I joined them together in black using the flat braid join and then just did a few rows of black and white to make the boarder.    I love how the black boarders give it a stained glass effect.

I still need to block it - since it is made of scraps not all squares are the exact same size and so makes it a little uneven but hoping blocking will help with that (although I haven't blocked anything yet!)    I am definitely looking forward to seeing this on the new sofa tomorrow!

Now this is finished in am working on extending my daughters baby blanket for her second birthday.    I look forward to sharing it with you when it is done.    There will probably be lots of mini projects in between especially as we sort out the kids bedroom now they are both older and sleeping in big beds!

Thanks for reading today's and I hope you like my blanket as much as I do!    See you next week!

Vicky x

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