Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Children's Toys

 I was hoping to have finished the scraps wool blanket this week, whilst I am close to finishing it, I seriously underestimated the amount of time I would need to join it all together!   Therefore I have decided to save it for next week and write about the soft toys I made my children in the last couple of years.

Lily is now 1.5 but before she was born I wanted to get her a bunny.  I wasn't able to find what I was looking for at the time so I ended up making her one.   I adapted this pattern making her bunny purple and a little larger.   I also added contrasting patches on her ears, tummy and feet to personalise her a little.     I was very pleased with the result and she now lives on lily's bed with the rest of her toys.  She was so cute that my sister wanted me to make her a brown one - so of course I did!

Another toy I made before lily was born was an owl comforter.   Oliver loved the comforter he got when he was a baby and I wanted to do something similar.  Lily has a woodland themed nursery so I used this pattern just using the colours that I had.    This was made only a few months after I started to crochet so my sewing in of the ends hasn't worked very well and they are coming out.   However lily enjoy holding her owl when she as younger and still has it amongst the pile of toys on her bed.

Last year Oliver got the books about alien's and underpants.   For those who are not familiar with it the stories they are written in rhyme and are about alien's coming to earth to wear our underpants.   Oliver really enjoyed these stories and was reading them every night at one point.   So I decided to make him the alien from there.   I had no pattern just worked off the cover picture and I think he turned out really cute!  Oliver loved him too and he lives in his pile of toys on his bed to

  I have also made the children themed playmats with soft toys but I will talk more about these in detail in another post.

I would love to see what soft toys you have made for children (or adults!).  Please feel free to comment with pictures or share on Cosy Crochet Facebook page.

Hope you have enjoyed today's post and next week I should definitely have the finished blanket for you to see.

Vicky x

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