Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Using Scrap Wool

A couple of days after Christmas and before the new year the house had a big sort out and clean, including my big stash of Wool which sits in boxes in the gap between the sofa and wall next to the fireplace. It was only just over 2 years ago I started to crochet but it's amazing in that amount of time how many scraps and small balls I have in the collection! I spent around half a day winding all the scraps into balls and put them into what became a large bag! My boxes are now soley used for the whole skiens for projects later on this year.

Having seen the size of this bag I decided that I needed a project for them. In a couple of months my parents are giving us their old leather sofas and our much stained (thanks to the children) one is going. One of the concerns hubby has is leather will be cold so I thought I'd make some blankets for them and using the scraps seemed like the best idea!

 So the start of the new year has seen me making various different coloured granny squares which will eventually turn in to 2 double bed sized blankets to go on our sofas in March. Granny squares were one of the first things I made when I learnt to crochet and the first solely crochet project I made was a blanket for when my niece was born. I actually ended up remaking a couple of months later as it fell apart but I have learnt so much since then that I feel confident these blankets should last for a long time!

So for now my evenings are filled with granny squares. I have chosen the most basic design as the colours will be so varied I thought that would be enough variety without different patterns too. Hopefully in a month or so I shall be able to show you my finished blankets and they will work as I see them in my head!

Thanks for reading today's post, I hope you are looking forward to reading more!

Vicky x

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