Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Rag Dolls

 Last summer when my daughter turned one I decided to make her a doll she could play with.   I wanted to make clothes so she could dress it up and allow it togrow with her.    After a lot of searching I found the little sister ebook (paid pattern) by Featherby and Fiends which contained the pattern for a doll and several outfits for her.   Pattern purchased I went off in search of Wool and unfortunately couldn't find an exact skin colour I wanted so she ended up a bit pink!

She was quick and easy to make up (although the hair does take a while) and I made her the fairy outfit.   Lily was a bit young when I made her so she mostly just sat around for a while, however, I enjoyed making her.    A few months later lily really enjoyed watching mermaids on TV and so I decided to make the mermaid outfit for the doll.   Again this was quick and easy to make, and although it didn't really capture lily's imagination my niece did enjoy playing with her a couple of times.

This week I decided to get the wool toys out I have made (including playmats which I will show in another post) for the children and this time the doll was actually cuddled and played with.   I thought I would make her a dress so I quickly made the Princess dress.   This has become a definite favourite and she has now been cuddled and played with and even taken to bed.

My son saw me making the dress for lily's doll and asked me if it was for him.   He has had no interest in dolls or babies so far but I asked him if he wanted me to make him his own doll.   He said yes so I made one from the bag of scraps based on the same little sister pattern.  Oliver helped me picked out the colours of the dolls hair and eyes as well as his outfit and was very excited to see him finished.    I didn't manage to finish him before bedtime but he was there waiting for Oliver in the morning.

Top left to right: mermaid doll, fairy doll Bottom left to right: princess doll and boy doll.[/caption]

He really loved his doll and gave him a cuddle as soon as he saw him.    He took him to nursery and showed everyone.    He came with us today to collect the car from the garage and he showed everyone there and told them all `mummy made him for me.   He hasn't really given him a name yet mostly just calls him doll or occasionally Oliver but he definitely likes him.

As we go through the year I'll probably make more outfits for them too. The ebook has several other outfits including a pumpkin outfit and an elf outfit which will be great for Christmas.

Thanks for reading this week's post. See you next time

Vicky x

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